OMEGA X Wins The Lawsuit Against Spire Entertainment For Suspension Of Exclusive Contract With Them

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OMEGA X has finally won the lawsuit against Spire Entertainment for the suspension of their exclusive contract with the agency.

On January 12, OMEGA X took to their Instagram to announce the happy news of them winning the lawsuit against Spire Entertainment of suspension of the exclusive contract with the agency and thanked everyone for their support.

Check out the full statement of OMEGA X below!

“Hello, we are OMEGA X. We won the lawsuit against the agency today which is to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract with them.
Thanks to your support and courage, we were able to achieve this. Thank you for your concern and support.
We love you and thank you so much. We will repay you with better music and great performances.
Thank you.”

In October last year, the conflict between OMEGA X members and their agency, Spire Entertainment, came to the surface with the revelation by a netizen A. A caused a stir by releasing a voice file recording of having conversations along with allegations that OMEGA X was verbally abused while having a meal with agency officials during the world tour.

In response, the agency issued an official position and explained that after the tour, while the members and the CEO Kang were talking, there was a misunderstanding between them, and she raised her voice in the emotional moment and all misunderstandings were resolved. However, there was no clear explanation for the assault rumor, and controversy continued after it was reported that OMEGA X members were not on the scheduled return flight.

As the controversy escalated, Spire Entertainment announced the voluntary resignation of CEO K, who caused this unpleasant incident. However, after it was revealed that she was in a marital relationship with Chairman Hwang Sung Woo, the actual leader, they received criticism over messily coping with the situation.

Since then, OMEGA X has held a press conference on the termination of their exclusive contract and unveiled the atrocities of the chairman and CEO of Spire Entertainment. The members have applied for an injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract, and strong measures such as claiming alimony and filing charges will be carried out sequentially.

Later on, on November 16, OMEGA X’s Japan management SKIYAKI terminated its business contract with the agency, Spire Entertainment judging the situation after the press conference of the members.

Meanwhile, OMEGA X has been active since their debut in June 2021.

Wishing the best for OMEGA X!

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