About Us

Jazminemedia.com is a site for Kpop and Kdrama news, lists, deep-dives, recaps, and reviews.

The website was founded on February 7, 2017. The original direction of the website was ‘reaction’ to Kpop and Kdrama news which is still carried on today, the founder, Jass K. talks about her thoughts on Kdrama news in a separate section labeled ‘my personal thoughts’.

For the kpop and kdrama news, we have a team of dedicated kpop and kdrama content writers responsible for writing them.

What are the sources of Jazminemedia?

Naver is the main source and the team translates trending and breaking news articles from Korean news outlets. Aside from Naver, official statements by agencies provided by their own social media official accounts are also used. You can find the sources at the bottom of each article.

What’s the standard for reviewing kdramas?

Over the years, you’ll notice that Jazminemedia focus shifted from recaps to mostly reviews, however, we still do recaps of currently airing kdramas specifically their ending episodes.

kdramas that are longer than 20 episodes will most likely not be reviewed.

If you’d like a kdrama to be reviewed, please comment on any of the reviews or recaps articles.



Can I request kdrama reviews?

Yes, of course. You can email ([email protected]) to give any suggestion on any currently ongoing kdrama that you’d like Jass K. to take a look at.

Can I write for Jazminemedia?

Yes, of course, you can. Please refer to this page and submit your suggestion to us on what type of kdrama you’d like to review or even recap.

Notice on reviews

Whoever reviews the kdramas is not an indication of what the majority thinks either in South Korea or overseas. So don’t take it too seriously.