OMEGA X Reveal Shocking Details About Spire Entertainment, Allege They’ve Been Physically And Sexually Assaulted By Its CEO + To File For Termination Of Contract And File Criminal Charges

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 OMEGA X, who were alleged to have been verbally and physically abused by their agency’s CEO, have finally addressed the situation directly and opened up about experiencing sexual assault, panic disorders, and receiving threats about committing suicide from the CEO and more at the press conference.

On November 16, The group held a press conference as previously reported to address what has transpired in the last couple of weeks.  

Warning: Mentions of sexual harassment and assault. 

“Oh, my, we’re going to talk about this ourselves.” This is what the group OMEGA X told fans before starting a press conference revealing the unfair treatment of their agency. The group united for their dreams in order to not collapse again, so they decided to tell the world a stark backstory of the harsh realities kpop idols suffer through to achieve their dreams.

On the afternoon of November 16, a press conference on the termination of OMEGA X’s exclusive contract was held at the Bar Association Hall in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Members Jaehan, Hangyeom, Yechan, Junghoon, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Hyuk, and their legal representatives, Law firm Roh Jong Eon and Seo Joo Yeon, attended the meeting.

The feud between OMEGA X and their agency, Spire Entertainment was reported online on October 22. That was the day when OMEGA X wrapped up their month-long world tour in the U.S., and a fan filmed and revealed members being assaulted and verbally abused by Kang, the CEO of their agency, in the U.S.

When the controversy arose, the agency issued a statement and explained,

We were resolving the misunderstanding by talking out what we were upset about each other during the overseas tour, and we finished the conversation to move forward with consideration for each other.”

However, the controversy reignited when OMEGA X, who was stranded in the U.S., returned home at their own expense and opened a new SNS account, alleging that they had been treated unfairly by the agency. The members’ claims, known through media reports, include allegdly forcing members infected with COVID-19 to hide it and perform on stage during an overseas tour, verbal abuse, forcing them to drink, and unwanted physical contact.

Kang voluntarily resigned on November 7. On the same day, OMEGA X applied for trademark applications such as Korean and English team names and fandom names through law firm S. This states the willingness to leave the agency and continue team activities.

On the same day, the legal representative said that the group applied for an injunction against Spire to suspend OMEGA X’s exclusive contract with them. In addition, criminal charges will be filed including forced harassment by work power and attempted blackmail that leads to a forced unfair settlement. Attorney Oh said, “Compensation for damages has become a separate issue. It’s a matter of whether or not abuse is involved. I think OMEGA X will win the case easily because it includes abusive language, assault, and sexual harassment.”

Kang’s alleged atrocities revealed by the members were shocking. There were frequent acts of sexual harassment at drinking parties. Jaehan said,

There was sexual harassment like touching the members’ faces or touching their thighs.  Continuously chatting on the Kakao app and calling and saying, ‘Crawl back. I’m going to kill you,” and she made the members nervous by threatening to commit suicide.

They said, “We wanted to be respected as people who love music and stage, not as products.”

The reason why we couldn’t avoid drinking was to continue being a team. They said,

The drinking party happened at the company dinner, and there was a strange culture in which CEO Kang gave gifts when members volunteered. If we didn’t volunteer to drink with CEO Kang, she would get sulky, glare at us, and treat us coldly. We were at the drinking party to please her because we thought everything will be all right.”

Sebin confessed, “If you refuse to drink, CEO Kang said, ‘There is no next album’.”

Jaehan said,

The reason why we have had to endure it so far was that if we don’t endure it, our last chance will disappear.
I thought I had to endure it for the fans who always support us and wait for us. As the eldest member and leader, I wanted to protect OMEGA X, fearing that the members who were tired and struggling would collapse. I’ve reached a point where I can’t take it anymore and I’ve decided to take courage for those who dream like us.”

Junghoon said,

There has never been a sincere apology (of CEO Kang) to us after returning home. Rather, she sent an absurd statement of accounts while talking about military issues.”

According to lawyer Roh, CEO Kang’s statement of accounts says that each person should pay back 300 to 400 million won ($226,000-$302,000) in debt because it was caused by the members. Junghoon alleged, “She made threats. We decided that we could not have a conversation.

In this regard, the agency has not made any particular statement. CEO Kang resigned, but Hwang, the actual representative, is her husband. Lawyer Roh said,

I also reported several times to Chairman Hwang (about CEO Kang’s behavior), and he was aware of this fact, but he completely ignored it. It’s not that we don’t know but we will hold him criminally responsible.”

Members are undergoing psychiatric treatment for panic attacks caused by a series of incidents. Hangyeom said,

Even now, I am very anxious to hear the sound of vibration, the sound of cell phone alarms, and the sound of the base similar to the sound of vibration.I thought I was a person with a strong mentality, but this time I looked back on myself.
At the same time, I was shocked to hear that an article about ‘OMEGA X member suffers panic attack’ will be published when I said, ‘I can’t breathe because it’s hard to handle all that alone with CEO Kang. I was afraid that we would become the perpetrators when she was threatening us to make an extreme choice because of us.”

The Members will continue to defend the name OMEGA X. If they find a new agency, they plan to transfer the trademark rights. They shed tears, saying, “We didn’t want to tell our fans the word disbandment because it was our second chance.”

Jaehan was speechless for a while and said,

All 11 of us were able to come this far and courageously because we had the power of fans more than anyone else. We don’t want to give up and continue to do music and stand on stage in a good way. I want to protect my members and fans as I’ve been running all this way. I’m thinking about working with these 11 people every day.”

The reason for holding a press conference and elaborating on what has happened so far is to avoid causing another victim. Lawyer Noh said,

It is not just for us, but for young people in our society. In 2022, something unimaginable happened. I hope you will be alert to wrong practices and be a hope for young people.”

Yechan said,

I don’t think it’s just happening to us. I saw many comments of support, and there was a comment saying, ‘This is really happening in the world these days.’ There will be many people who are affected by so-called power trip or gaslighting. I hope we can help a little bit.
We thought that the company had a closed characteristic as it was signed under an exclusive contract. If there were no seats like today, we wouldn’t have been able to speak outside. I think it would be good if the necessary parts were added to the standard contract. I hope there will be institutions that can manage such unfair treatment, which will help many people.”

Meanwhile, OMEGA X, who debuted in June last year, made their name known as an experienced group. They consist of members with debut experience, including group Seven O’clock Song Han Kyum, ENOi Han Jungoon, Yang Hyuk Woo, Spectrum Kim Jaehan, 1THE9 Shin Yechan, Kim Tae Dong, Limitless Lee Hwichan, Snooper Jang Sebin, and one-team Moon Jaehyun, Lee Jinwoo. It also has something in common it made their face known through audition programs such as JTBC’s “Mix Nine,” Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” MBC’s “Under Nineteen,” and KBS2’s “The Unit.”

We hope the best for the members!

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