OMEGA X’s Agency Issues Statement Addressing Allegations Of Psychical And Verbal Abuse By Its CEO, Says Its All A Misunderstanding

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OMEGA X’s Agency has finally issued a formal response after allegations against its CEO of being violent went viral on social media.

On October 23, one of OMEGA X’s fans posted a shocking audio clip to Twitter along with what they claim to have transpired. The fan claims the CEO was hitting the members and yelling at them. Another Twitter user also gained attention for their prior story that was somewhat similar to the one that went viral. The agency stated at the time that they were checking the facts and have now returned with a full statement addressing the claims.

Their statement begins by “bowing our heads in deep apology” for the concern that was caused by the incident. The agency claims the incident occurred after a meal the group had together after having a meal.

They wrote,

At the time, having completed the tour, the OMEGA X members and the agency were talking about how hard they have respectively worked on their tasks until then, in order to make plans for the future. In that process, they wound up airing their grievances and became worked up due to the emotions, they began to raise their voices. The conversation carried on after the meal but by continuing their discussions, the members and the agency have currently resolved all of their misunderstandings. They ended their conversation agreeing to move forward while being considerate of each other.”

The agency goes on to say that OMEGA X and the agency have personally met and communicated with the fans throughout the tour and had a meaningful time, they apologize for ending it on a bad note.

They ended their statement by thanking fans for the opportunity given to the members, they promise to protect the values created by OMEGA X and their fans up until the very end.

The apology was poorly received by k-netizens and the agency has been under even more fire as a result. The fans have been trending hashtags demanding the members be saved from the agency.

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