OMEGA X’s CEO Resigns After Immense Scrutiny Due To Assault Controversy, Agency Issues Official Apology

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The CEO of Spire Entertainment, the agency that manages OMEGA X, has resigned voluntarily.

On November 7, the agency released an official statement to announce the news.

They wrote,

“Above all, we bow our heads and sincerely apologize to the members, parents, and fans who care about Omega X who must have been hurt by this incident.
In addition to this unfortunate incident, we sincerely apologize for disappointing you due to the agency’s inadequate response so far. Spire Entertainment is fully aware of all the responsibility for this situation.
The representative, who caused an unfortunate incident during the tour, has voluntarily resigned.
And so that something like this does not happen in the future, Spire Entertainment will do its best to solve the problems without avoiding the bitter problems you have pointed out.
In addition, we will do our best to prevent recurrence so that the OMEGA X members do not experience such an unfortunate incident again, and we will do our best to continue the conversation with the members so that they can concentrate on their artist activities in a better environment.
thank you.”

Recently, the members of OMEGA X personally opened an Instagram account without oversight from the agency to talk to fans. They stated they’ve endured a lot from the agency and wish to continue pursuing their dream.

Previously, one fan took to Twitter to share what they allege to have witnessed in Los Angeles while attending the group’s concert. The fan alleges the CEO was hitting and yelling at the members outside. The agency ended up issuing an apology and claiming it was all a misunderstanding that has since been resolved. The apology was poorly received by the majority of the fandom. In a phone interview with the CEO of OMEGA X’s agency Spire Entertainment, she claimed she was nice to them most of the time and denied she canceled their flight back to the U.S. following the reveal of the incident.

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