K-Netizens Disappointed In EXO Chanyeol Because He Supported Zico?

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EXO Chanyeol is being criticized for showing support to his friend Zico!

Zico and Chanyeol are known for being close; they’re part of a friends group that also has Choi Tae Joon and Lee Jong Hyun, they usually hang out and share photos.

On the other hand, Zico, Choi Tae Joon, and Lee Jong Hyun were known for being friends with Jung Joon Young. Jung Joon Young is accused of many serious crimes that became known to the public through leaked kakao conversations. He’s currently on trial.


Lee Jong Hyun had also been involved in a controversy; he admitted to viewing illegally taken footage of women and only recently announced his departure from CNBLUE.

Zico was also heavily criticized by k-netizens, the now infamous phrase ‘the golden phone’ was actually coined by Zico himself who stated on TV that he likes looking through Jung Joon Young’s phone for hours, he called it the golden phone. Zico said that the phone is a special phone that Jung Joon Young only uses for kakaotalk, Jung Joon Young added that Zico would look at it for hours. (Source)

Despite denying having viewed those illegally taken footage through a statement and promising strict legal action, netizens were still not convinced that a man would look at phone contacts for hours on end. Due to the heavy criticism, Zico had laid low until a couple of weeks ago when he announced that he’d make his first comeback under his new label, KOZ Entertainment.

Some fans are not happy to see Chanyeol showing support for Zico.

He recently posted to his Instagram account promoting his friend’s newest release. While EXO-Ls had thought that Chanyeol would be careful what type of people he hangs around with in the future, they’re disappointed that he still associated himself with Zico.

Chanyeol captioned his post,

“A very cool person’s Thinking Part.1”

Many K-netizens were heavily critical of Chanyeol,

“A guy like golden phone zico is cool?”

“Eh… a person that Park Chanyeol considers cool is= zico?

“why are you doing this? think of your fans before you post..”

“Chanyeol I love you very much but Zico is not it..”

“No… please cut contact with Zico.”



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정말 멋있는 사람의 Thinking Part.1 @woozico0914

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On various Korean articles that cover this particular story, many k-netizens also negatively reacted to his post, some of their comments read,

“As expected, birds of a feather.”

“Seriously, just why…?”

“I know that we can’t be sure that Chanyeol is of the same level as them but…. this doesn’t look good for him ㅠ”

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What do you think of this? Are you also disappointed in Chanyeol?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I’m not disappointed in Chanyeol, he is a grown man and has always does the right thing. He knows what he is doing and associating yourself with someone doesn’t make you the same type of persona and people should know that and understand that and break the stereo types we place upon artists, not just Korean artists but artists together. Also supporting a friend or artist is not wrong, nor does it make him similar to the scandals and rumors going around. All he did was show support and that is okay, criticize me, but those are just my thoughts.

    1. I agree with you. It’s totally fine to support someone and not fully agree with everything they do. He is showing support to a fellow artist’s talent not to his personal life choices. I see why mental illness is a major problem in most places. It must be really hard to redeem yourself when everyone turn their back on you even from things not proven. I would have been more disappointed in Chanyeol if he turned is back on someone going through a hard time to simply save is image. That shows a weak character.

      1. Honestly he might just support him just because of his music. Honestly i find zico cool too but what he has done wrong should not be mixed with his music career. Personal life and career are entirely different things. Knets really overeact and they are very racist and judge too quickly without knowing the true intentions of an artist. A book must not be judged by its cover

    2. In every friend circle there are one or more bad character friend and we hangout with them, support their talents, give good comment in their pictures! That doesnt mean those good person are bad too! So stop making fuss! Chanyeol just do whatever u want!!! U r mature enough to take right decision for urself! Fighting

    3. Chanyeol can be friend with anyone who wants! Exols are not allowed to say to chanyeol what to do or what not to do!this is not fair, zico and chanyeol are friends and friends support each other, this is really normal things.
      And by the way why all the people just judged by a cover of book, if something came out that proofs he do such bad and illegal thing then start hating people!

    4. Exactly! Like what on the earth is wrong with these so called fans.. how can they be so judgemental and insensitive about things.. isnt it normal for people to support their friend. Like come on, have some life.. live and let live

  2. Many of you couldn’t even support and cheer your friends in any small exam,,, but you are talking about other’s life and also demanding to be friends only with these and not with otherss. How ungrateful and disgusting uu people aree.. It’s his life and he will live however he wants to. Who are we to bound other’s freedom. everyone knows that no one is perfect in this world. Shut your mouths and live your lives trying to be perfect firsttt

  3. Wtf is wrong with these narrow minded people..Chanyeol is a mature man..he knows what he is doing and he is always aware of what is going around him..he is just supporting he’s friends talent..what’s wrong in that..this doesn’t mean he is involved in those crimes..grow up k netizens ..if you really call your self E.X.O fan consider thinking what really you are balming and to whom..don’t just sit at one place and start making fuss out of nower..grow up people..grow up..

  4. Can’t just all shallow knetizens kill theirselves already? Seriously they all think they have the right to tell their idols to do whatever they think is the right thing to do, are you GODS and Goddesses who knows everything and always right? I am so tired of your shallowness and evilness… Knetizens are nothing but EVIL living things.. please stop being so judgemental…

  5. Just because you have a bad egg in your group circle that doesn’t mean that you also will turn into one….i have many friends who are aint decent yet that doesn’t affect my personality or my image….i’m still respected by others….who are you all to yell him what to do and what not to do….he’s a grown up man…he knows what he is doing way that you all would….is it bad to support a friend….who knows this might give them hope to go through the light again and that someone is still waiting for them to enter the light….get yourself a live y’all….you don’t deserve our Yeollie

  6. Honestly, this whole shindig with kpop idols and fans is triring. I mean this is the reality of kpop and media influencers, once the fans get access to info abt their lives they get attached to the person they look up to. Albeit too much. Too obsessed “much”. Because of the obsession of these fans for the idols, they perceive the idols as just “idols” and not human. A human is rational and free to do whatever he considers right, thus this topic at hand. Fans have no right to criticize Chaneol regarding his decision because you are just fans and it is understandable that in some ways he will support Zico as a friend, but not in actions. Actually Zico has even more of a role in his life than yours or mine. Your disappointment should not concern him and even more such comment that he should think about his fans before making an action, supporting someone or being with someone. These people are not just some form of entertainment. They are real and they have feelings so please be responsible of what you post, knowing that the people we idolize are the most affected and updated in the world’s perception of what they do and what they did. Have a great day ahead ^ ^

  7. Who has the right to tell anyone who to have as friends, I’m constantly baffled by people that hide behind their keyboard and think their opinions are important let alone valid.

  8. until there’s no proof that zico’s actually involved, he’s completely innocent to me. chanyeol isn’t stupid enough to risk his career and future like this, please remember that he surely knows about this shit. zico’s his friend after all.

  9. Honestly this is annoying at this point for one we dont even know if he really seen anything on the phone that was illegal or maybe he did who knows either way that’s his friend of course hes going to support his friend on his music career what not. But at the end of the day we are we the fans to tell them what and who to hangout with. But tbh I dont think Zico seen any of those videos because why would he bring it up in a variety show and plus I seen the clips of it he said he wanted to know what was on his Golden phone so I’m alluding from this that he didn’t know what was on there. But that could ne me only watching a few clips that I seen circling around the internet when the scandal broke out and stuff.

  10. I think if he was 1% blamed, he would have shut his mouth out of fear. But this, beside just supporting a friend, is boldly saying that they did nothing wrong and has got the right to defence themselves, keep going forward in the entertainment field and supportive each other.

  11. It’s kind of funny how many international fans understand that the personal/private life from an idol should not concern them. And how so many k-fans think they could tell the idol to do something or to not do something. Like with Chanyeol. They say that he shouldn’t hang out with Zico but why do they care about that? It’s his matter if he wants to do that or not. He is a grown man and can make his OWN DECISIONS in HIS LIFE.

    PS. I don’t want to offend anyone. That’s just my opinion.

  12. I think knetizens are out of line. They don’t get to say who Yeol can and can’t hang out with. It is disrespectful, Yeol is a person with feelings and he is allowed to make his own decisions. He likes Zico and if he likes Zico’s music than so be it. Fans don’t own him, they can’t dictate who he hangs out with and who he can be friends with.

  13. I think we should respect his personal life….fans have no right to criticize on whoever he be friends with…. Sometimes people just want a support just like Chanyeol did to Zico……. Why don’t we have a heart and understand the needy..

  14. I think if your friend do something wrong, you should not leave him/her and cut your tie with them but you should tell them their wrong and support them to change for better. That’s what real friendship is for me. A friend bring a friend to heaven. And what chanyeol did shows that he did not judge people and care for his friend.

  15. KNetizens need to leave him and Zico alone. Chanyeol is a grown man and can make his own decisions on his friends. There’s no actual massive proof that Zico was even involved. They’re adults. They know what they’re doing and need to be left alone and be judgement free. Sometimes you don’t pick your friends, they pick you and depend and love you, people need to realize that.

  16. Someone’s talent should be appreciated regardless of their previous misdoings. Chanyeol is such a humble person that he appreciates what is needed .I respect u my channy!

  17. I think that people have no right to judge ANYONE for collaborating with a friend, no matter what that friend has done in the past. The fact that is Chanyeol, who is probably working his butt off as we speak, makes me even more upset. I think that, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don’t get it.

  18. I personally love Zico, and Chanyeol both the same. This is the first one I’m hearing about this scandal and it’s breaking my heart. Honestly I don’t really buy that Zico saw anything on that phone. If he did, why would he talk about it on tv? Wouldn’t he want it to stay a secret? Idk it just doesn’t make any sense. And based by his character I don’t see this being a thing he would do. Second, The whole chanyeol situation is really frustrating to me. Knowing him as well, He has good judgment I would hope. He doesn’t live under a rock. Surely he’s heard about this situation before he even posted the recommendation. So in all honesty I’m pretty sure chanyeol believes his friend. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t support him publicly. I don’t know this whole thing just doesn’t make me believe that Zico is guilty at all. So stop attacking the both of them people.

  19. What the hell is wrong with those eris yahe can hangout with whoever he wants too! Who the mofo are you guys to slander him lile that. He knows his known limits and his line. You guys are overreacting! Why do you point out on his own personal life? Did his parents gave you the authority to point out on his lifestyle? No right then just support him for what he does not instead of commenting on his personal matters!!!

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