EXO Members Voice Their Frustration With Fans After Getting Mobbed And Disrespected At The Airport

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EXO has faced another serious dangerous mobbing situation at the airport!

On September 30, EXO returned to South Korea after performing “EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration” concerts in Taipei on September 28 and 29. When they returned to Seoul, they were greeted by fans at the airport but the situation turned dangerous pretty quickly.

Videos of the dangerous situation at the airport quickly spread online, one girl even got into close contact with Chen bumping into him, girls all around EXO were screaming and attempting to get dangerously close to the members to snap videos and photos of them.

While security was around to try and contain the situation, fans kept pushing the security guards closer to EXO as they tried to get close to the members.

Due to the dangerous situation, three EXO members took to social media to warn fans not to behave like that and cause disorder and possibly issues for other unrelated passengers passing by.

Baekhyun took to twitter to write,

“I think EXO-Ls will become prettier if you keep order at the airport! If others get hurt because of us, we’ll feel sorry and going to the airport will feel like a burden! Please don’t run and don’t push each other, just watch! I’m afraid someone will get hurt.”

Chanyeol also took to instagram to post a length note to fans, he wrote,

“I think the level of order at the airport has been dangerous lately. I am uploading this post because I think it became a safety concern not only for EXO, but to other people at the airport too.

I hope that no one will get hurt because of the disorder or reckless filming and wish that others at the airport won’t be inconvenienced.”


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Suho also uploaded this post to his instagram story, he wrote,

“Recently, I think order at the airport has become more dangerous. I am uploading this short notice because I think there are safety issues not only for us, but for other people using the airport.

I am afraid that the disorder at the airport and reckless filming could cause damage or discomfort to others. I sincerely ask for your cooperation. Please..”

Other EXO-Ls also voiced their frustration at the EXO-Ls who were present at the airport.

Check out some of the taken videos of the airport incidents:

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What do you think of such behavior?

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