CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun is under even more suspicion after new chat logs between him and Jung Joon Young were shared a couple of days ago.

Since then, FNC who had previously denied his engagement in the chatroom, returned with a different statement acknowledging he had received sexual videos of women in one-on-one chatrooms, they added he’s repenting and announced his hiatus.

Netizens weren’t happy with FNC statement and past posts and videos of Lee Jonghyun circulated the web and went viral.

A specific video taken back in 2015 shows YoonA and Lee Jonghyun in close proximity, the video was shared on twitter and went viral. Those who shared it argue he’s trying to touch her butt.

Fans debated the video, some are convinced he did try to touch YoonA’s butt while others say it was a simple mistake and his hands accidentally came in contact with her butt. YoonA flinched and Lee Jonghyun apologized to her.

Check the video down below:

He was also accused of harassing AOA’s Hyejeong as well, fans posted photos to twitter to prove their theory.

But that’s not the only thing fans are accusing Lee Jonghyun of; another past post by an anonymous netizen gained a lot of attention. The post was shared to CNBLUE online community back in 2018 and it gained lots of buzz after the recent events.

In the post, the netizen claims that Lee Jonghyun engages in sexual relations with his female fans and a famous girl group member. The post adds,

“You’ll see it on the news soon. Sure, there is nothing reported about it but he has been to the police station countless times already.”

When another netizen told the one who posted it not to spread false claims, the netizen added something that sent chills down fans spine, the netizen claims that Lee Jonghyun and Jung Joon Young had sexually assaulted an underage female fan by giving her sleeping pills.

FNC Entertainment responded to those rumors with a firm statement denying all of these accusations, they added they will be taking strict legal action against anyone who spread the malicious false information.

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