Zico Shows Off His New Nameplate As The CEO Of KOZ Entertainment


Block B’s Zico has finally confirmed news of him establishing his own agency KOZ Entertainment (King of Zungle Entertainment). The name of the label is the same name of his first world tour which he held last year.

Zico is planning on promoting as a soloist in his own label and will be discovering and training new artists as well.

In November 2018, Zico left his agency Seven Seasons after his contract expired.

He took to Instagram to show off his new nameplate with his name on it, he also shared a photo of the opening event which was attended by his close friends Dean, Crush, Penomeco and others.

Its also rumored that Zico is now preparing for his solo comeback but a date is yet to be set.


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What do you think of this move?

My Thoughts

As a solid fan of Block B I can say I saw this happening a long time ago, I kinda knew he wasn’t going to renew, it was obvious!

Remember Jay Park? And how everyone didn’t believe he would succeed when he opened his own label alongside Simon, look at him now, the guy’s making millions.

I know how good Zico is and I am confident he will do well, I just know it, he can grow to become the CEO of one of the biggest labels if he does his best and surround himself with the right people.

What I fear is his impending military enlistment; he is born in 1992 and will have to probably enlist before 2021 ends according to the new military law.

Right now, he needs to focus on himself and establish his agency as much as he can because he will have to leave the CEO seat empty for two years, I wonder who will be in charge when that happens.

He also has an eye for talent and I came to know MAMAMOO because he said he was impressed by them, I also became a fan of a singer named Suran because of him, they released a duet together. He also unofficially gave f(x) Luna her solo debut.

She is the same girl BTS Suga produced a song for that was a major hit. Zico does have talent and can grow to become something big, he will face difficulties but I believe in him.

As a Block B fan there is only one thing I am super upset about. Zico is going to be even busier now that he has to juggle his duties as the CEO, he also has to produce, write, perform and do so much more on his own.

He was already extremely busy and overworked when he had an agency to back him up and assist him, he’s not going to have time for Block B anymore…. this makes me upset, because Block B didn’t disband and Seven Seasons themselves said the members are discussing the future.

Jaehyo is already in the military, two other members have to join the military before this year ends. When are they going to have time to discuss the future of the group?

I am not going to be mad if they decided to go their separate ways, however, I really dislike it when agencies and idols be like ‘no we aint disbanding, we comin back’ when they eventually don’t.

At least have the decency to tell your fans that you can’t be there with your group anymore, that’s all I’m saying.

I am not putting all the blame on Zico here but what he says has the biggest weight, I am also almost certain Zico didn’t just wake up one day and was like ‘imma establish my own agency’ of course he had been planning this for a while now, it’s not just easy to open a company like that.

So I would have appreciated an actual statement of what will happen to the group, I hate it when agencies and idols just shrug it off and keep us hanging!!

I hope I am proven wrong and we get an actual statement before Taeil and B-Bomb enlist, if they didn’t give a statement by then…. ugggghhh


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