Goo Hara’s Estranged Mother Set To Claim Half Her Inheritance After “Goo Hara Act” Bill Fails To Pass

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Things haven’t turned out the way many had hoped!

As previously reported, Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In, submitted a legislative petition to the National Assembly in order to enact the “Goo Hara Act”, which basically prevents their biological mother who abandoned them 20 years ago from claiming Goo Hara’s inheritance. The law would prevent the parent who neglected their duties from inheriting their child’s property.

Despite Goo Hara’s brother best efforts and support from netizens, things didn’t turn out well. The Legislation and Judiciary Committee made the decision to “continue evaluating” on their May 19 meeting, which basically means that its being abolished since this was their final meeting of the 20th assembly.

This means that Goo Hara’s brother will have no choice but to give up the second half of his younger sister inheritance to his estranged mother, Goo Hara’s father had previously transferred his share to him.  

Goo Ho In had previously shared heartbreaking details about how they were abandoned by their mother at a young age and how it affected Hara’s mentally. He also spoke about how crude she was during her funeral asking celebrities for photos and raising her voice when discussing the inheritance at the funeral home.

Goo Ho In had expressed his plans to reattempting to pass the bill during the 21st Assembly.

Netizens have expressed disappointment with the decision and left encouraging messages to Goo Ho In.

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