Goo Hara’s Brother On Why He’ll Never Forgive Her Ex-Boyfriend Choi Jong Bum

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Goo Hara’s Brother has spoken up again about how terrible his little sister ex-boyfriend was.

Goo Hara’s Brother, Goo Ho In, appeared on CBS April 10th episode of “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” he spoke about why he’ll never forgive his birth mother nor Hara’s ex-boyfriend.

Goo Ho In had previously touched on the ex-boyfriend’s upcoming trial and shared his hopes of a fair trial that’ll bring justice to his little sister; he attributed her extreme decision to the terrible disgusting crimes of her ex-boyfriend.

As previously reported, Choi Jong Bum received a suspended sentence and despite the terrible hate and misery he brought upon Hara he didn’t serve one day in jail. He was also found not guilty of threatening her to expose their sex tape which he filmed without consent. The sentencing was controversial to say the least. Goo Ho In said,

“Choi Jong Bum received a suspended sentence during the first trial. He went on to open his own hair salon and is doing well. I saw his social media updates. After all the evil he’s done, he shamelessly threw parties for his saloon and uploaded them to SNS, it made me so angry.

I couldn’t call and curse him out so I just watched.”

is voice during the interview got louder, he said,

“I can only cry thinking about Hara. I hope she’s happy there. Hara, I would like you to be happy. I miss you, a lot.”

In related news, an appeal was filed in September of 2019 for what the ex-boyfriend did and the trial was set to May of 2020, Goo Hara passed away in November of 2019.

After the news was revealed, fans petitioned to punish Choi Jong Bum on various social media outlets, he received massive hate and backlash, many fans attribute Hara’s extreme choice to his disgusting actions.

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