Unbelievable Things Goo Hara’s Mother Did At Her Daughter’s Funeral [Asking Celebrities For Photos +Recording Her Son]

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Goo Hara’s brother has revealed even more admissions about their estranged mother and it’s heartbreaking.

He left a lengthy message on an online community; here is the gist of the post:

In it he goes through living a difficult life without their mother (you can read more about it here), he says he resented his mother as an adult but always missed her, he says because of this Goo Hara attempted suicide many times and whenever she tried to, he’d leave his job and come to Seoul to take care of her,

“With the help of the agency, I was able to take her to a tight security hospital and made sure to always be in contact. I remember the first time I heard she tried to take her own life; I was so upset I went crazy when I heard the news.

My sister received lots of love from her friends and fans, but there was a void in her heart that couldn’t be filled.”

He says he tried to introduce her to a good man thinking she’d be able to live well if she met good people, then the case with her ex- boyfriend Choi came out, he says he was so angry and told her he’d take care of it but the case grew so big so fast.

He also says she actually met her mother once at the recommendation of a doctor,

“We thought this would help her move on. But after the meeting, the emptiness in her heart was not filled at all. It seemed that she felt even emptier afterwards. It would’ve been better if they had not met.”

He says at the funeral, their mother wanted to wear the funeral clothes, but he hated that and while conversing with her, he found out she was actually recording their conversation, he says,

“I got so angry that I deleted the recording file immediately and kicked her out. She pointed her finger at me and said ‘don’t do anything you’ll regret.’”

To top all of that unfairness, he also revealed that she was asking celebrities for photos at her own daughter’s funeral, he says his petition to review the laws around inheritance was posted so no one else’s family would have to go through the same thing again.

As you’d expect, netizens didn’t mince words and were very critical of the mother and her actions.


What do you guys think of this?

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