Goo Hara’s Brother Reveals Their Mother Cruel Shocking Behavior Upon Hearing Of Her Daughter’s Passing

Goo Hara’s Brother is shedding light on how their mother reacted to her young daughter’s tragic death and its infuriating basically everybody.

It was previously revealed through Goo Hara’s Brother that he has filed a lawsuit against their mother, she claimed half of her daughter’s inheritance despite being absent from her daughter’s life since she was 9 years old.

The father had already given up his share to his son making the son the owner of 50% of Goo Hara’s inheritance and now the mother is demanding the other half. A lawsuit is already underway.

Goo Hara’s brother has recently sat down for an interview with SBS on March 11 episode of ‘Access Showbiz Tonight’ revealing shocking details about how the mother reacted when finding out Goo Hara had passed away.

He told SBS that he didn’t want any noise over his sister’s property, but he believes it’s unfair for the mother to claim that and he says he has a duty to protect his younger sister adding,

“After the funeral, our mother’s lawyer showed up to ask for half of Hara’s property. I can’t forgive the fact that she had hired lawyers.”

He also called her claim to inheritance ‘absurd’ and asks,

“I wonder how such a person who abandoned their child can receive an equal inheritance to our father who tried to take responsibility for us.”

Goo Hara and her brother lived with their grandma after their mother abandoned them while their father traveled all over the country looking for odd jobs to provide for his family.

It’s been reported that the lawyers have explained that even if the mother didn’t have custody or authority over Hara, she still has the right of inheritance upon the death of her unmarried child.

The story is being covered by various news outlets and generating negative reactions from netizens who believe the mother shouldn’t have the right to even demand her daughter’s hard work after disappearing from her life since she was a little kid.

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