The Korean Industry In Shock: A Total Of Five Famous Celebrity Couples Announced Their Divorce Within ONE Month

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It has only been three months since 2024 began but the entertainment industry has been buzzing with constant news of famous Korean celebrity couples filing for divorce.

In one month alone, five celebrity couples revealed their plans to get divorced. Let us take a look at them!

Hwang Jung Eum

Actress Hwang Jung Eum has announced her divorce from Lee Young-don after previously reconciling 3 years ago. On the 22nd of February, Hwang Jung Eum’s agency confirmed previous reports that alleged the actress is filing for a divorce. They stated, “After careful consideration, Hwang Jung Eum has decided it is no longer feasible to maintain the marriage, and divorce proceedings are underway. We cannot disclose details such as the reason for divorce due to the personal nature of Hwang Jung Eum private life; we appreciate your understanding.”

The previous days, the actress’s SNS activities drew attention. Just a day before the divorce news, on the 21st, she gained notice for her significant SNS posts. Hwang Jung Eum, who usually did not reveal her husband’s face on social media, flooded her SNS with consecutive posts featuring Lee Young-don’s pictures. Alongside the images, she wrote, “My husband, who is so gentle and beautiful. My husband Lee Young-don, who lived a busy and enjoyable life with me^^ You must have been very busy until now, but now, please enjoy leisure.” This cryptic message sparked speculation. Later, she exposed her husband for allegedly cheating on her during heated exchanges with netizens on Instagram.


Singer Ben (real name Lee Eun-young) announced her divorce from her husband a year after giving birth to their daughter back in late February.

It was revealed on the 29th of February that Ben submitted a divorce settlement request for December 2023. According to a representative of Ben, the reason for the divorce lies with her husband, and Ben will have custody of their daughter.

All the wedding photos and videos that were taken with her husband have been deleted from Ben’s personal channel.

Heo Dong Won

Actor Heo Dong Won divorced his non-celebrity wife after just one year of marriage shocking netizens with the announcement.

The news was revealed on February 29, Heo Dong Won ended his marriage with his non-celebrity wife after one year of marriage. The two, who got married in March last year, reportedly decided to divorce after much thought. There are no traces of his wife left on Heo Dong-won’s social media accounts.

His agency Ace Factory confirmed the divorce reports. He requested understanding, saying, “I find it difficult to answer in detail as it is a private matter.”

Heo Dong Won had his non-celebrity wedding on March 1st last year. He revealed on SBS TV’s ‘Kang’s Kitchen League’ that he took wedding photos on the day they started dating. He explained, “We had known each other for quite a long time. My wife was working at a place where I went as a guest. I confessed, ‘I don’t want to date since we’ve known each other for a long time. I want to get married.’”

Seo In Young

Singer Seo In Young also announced she’s going through divorce proceedings after just one year of marriage.

On the 5th of March, it was revealed that Seo In Young has decided to divorce her non-celebrity businessman husband and is currently going through the divorce process. Although she denied the divorce rumors last year, she has ultimately entered into divorce proceedings after just one year of marriage.

Regarding the circulating claims of blame on her husband, Seo In Young’s new agency, SW Entertainment, stated, “Regarding the divorce, it is related to personal matters, and we have nothing further to say at this time. We will provide an official statement through a press release once everything is settled.”

Seo In Young, who is originally from the group Jewelry, got married to an IT businessman in February last year at a luxury hotel in Namsan, Seoul. The couple garnered attention by having a fast wedding after dating for just 5 months, and Seo In Young expressed happiness in various broadcasts about her honeymoon life with her husband.

Lee Beom Soo and Lee Yoon Jin

On March 16, Lee Yoon Jin confirmed that she is divorcing her husband, actor Lee Beom Soo.  Lee Yoon Jin stated, “I have confirmed the divorce-related reports. The contents in the articles are true.”

Lee Yoon Jin acknowledged that she and Lee Beom Soo are currently separated. She also confirmed reports that her daughter, who is attending an international school, is in Bali, Indonesia with her, while her son is staying in Seoul with Lee Beom Soo. She said, “Yes, the contents in the articles are mostly accurate.”

She mentioned, “We are currently going through the divorce mediation process. The first session is scheduled for next week. I will share more news after the situation is sorted out. I apologize for causing concerns, as the situation has not been good for me.”

Lee Beom Soo married Lee Yoon Jin in 2010. They have a son and a daughter together. Lee Beom Soo faced allegations of bullying towards students at Shinhan University’s Department of Performing Arts in 2022.

However, rumors of their divorce surfaced in December last year. Despite this, Lee Beom Soo’s agency denied they’re getting a divorce saying, “It is not a divorce.”

However, about three months later, rumors of their divorce resurfaced, and Lee Beom Soo’s agency confirmed, “It is true that Lee Beom Soo is currently going through divorce mediation. It is difficult to provide details as it is a personal matter,” officially confirming the divorce.

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