Spring Into Kdramas: 9 April 2023 Premieres You Won’t Want to Miss

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As the first quarter of 2023 comes to an end, Kdrama fans can look forward to a plethora of new releases in the upcoming months.

With April 2023 officially here, the anticipation for the upcoming Kdramas is at an all-time high. From romance to action, the lineup of Kdramas for April 2023 promises to have something for every taste.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most anticipated Kdramas set to release in April 2023.

The 2023 April kdramas list in short

Bait: Part 2

Cast: Jang Geun Suk, Lee Elijah, Heo Sung Tae and more

Plot: Coupang Play drama “Bait” is a crime thriller that tracks the secrets surrounding a case for which a suspect was pointed out in a murder case eight years after the death of the criminal of the biggest fraud case since the accident.

Air date: April 7

Network: Coupang Play

Paper Moon

Cast: Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Si Woo, Yoo Sun, Lee Chun Hee

Plot: The original Genie TV drama “Paper Moon” is a suspense drama in which Yoo Yi Hwa (Kim Seo Hyung), who lived a suffocating daily life, faces an irreversible moment when she embezzles money from VIP customers of the bank.

Air date: April 10

Network: ENA, Genie TV

Bora! Deborah

Cast: Yoo In Na, Yoon Hyun Min, Joo Sang Wook, iKON’s Junhoe

Plot: ENA’s new original drama “Bora! Deborah” is a romantic comedy about Deborah, a love coach, and Soo Hyuk, a chic man, who finds it difficult to fall in love. Pushing, pulling, chewing, biting, tasting, and enjoying love.

Yoo In Na takes the role of witty and candid Deborah, a wannabe relationship influencer for women, a dating coach, and a writer of a bestselling book. She is sincere in love but when it comes to her, she is unlucky in her love relationships.

Yoon Hyun Min plays the role of Lee Soo Hyuk, a publishing planner who is picky but somehow falls in love. He is a man difficult to love. He seems like a love idealist who says, ‘Dating is something you inevitably fall into’. He is unreliable and disapproves of the dating coach, Deborah. Unexpectedly, he gets entangled with Deborah and undergoes a change.

Air date: April 12

Network: ENA, Genie TV

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper

Cast: Joo Won (plays Hwang Dae Myung), Lee Ju Woo (plays Choi Min Woo), Jo Han Chul (plays Jang Tae In), Kim Jae Won (plays Shin Chang Hoon), Choi Hwa Jung (plays Lee Chun Ja), and Lee Deok Hwa (plays Young Soo Kim)

Plot: tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” is a crime comic action drama in which a veiled cultural property thief skunk and an unofficial cultural property recovery team ‘Karma’ unite to compete against those who won’t be judged by the law.

Air date: April 12

Network: tvN

Queen Maker

Cast: Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri, Ryu Soo Young and more

Plot: “Queen Maker’” is a work depicting the story of Hwang Do Hee, who is a genius in image making and dominated the strategic planning office of a big company, jumps into the election board to make Oh Kyung Sook, a human rights lawyer who has lived as if she’s unwanted, called for the justice, the mayor of Seoul. Moon Ji Young, who wrote “Who Are You” and “I Love Lee Tae Ri,” has written the drama, and Oh Jin Seok, producer of “Love With Flaws’” and “Yong-pal” will direct the drama.

Air date: April 14

Network: Netflix

Doctor Cha Jung Sook

Cast: Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul.

Plot: “Doctor Cha Jung Sook” depicts the torn life of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa), who became a resident in her first year after being a housewife for 20 years. Following the fierce counterattack of ordinary housewife Cha Jung Sook, whose family was everything to her, the noisy scandals in her life, provide pleasant laughter.

Air date: April 15

Network: JTBC


Cast: Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, and Lee Sun Jae, and more

Plot: “Family” is a thrilling family comedy about a NIS black agent husband disguised as an ordinary office worker and a sweet wife who dreams of a perfect family. It will be directed by Jang Jung Do has directed a number of box office hits such as the drama “Live On,” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” “The Crowned Clown,” “Our Blues” and “Alchemy of Souls.

In the drama, . Jang Hyuk plays the role of Kwon Do Hoon, a black agent of the National Intelligence Service who disguises himself as an employee of a trading company and the husband of Kang Yoo Ra (Jang Na Ra) and Jang Nara takes on the role of Kang Yoo Ra, the wife of Kwon Do Hoon. After meeting her husband, and creating the perfect family she had dreamed of her whole life, she is a housekeeper who tries to protect her family and hides her secret behind her lovely appearance.

Air date: April 17

Network: tvN

Queen of Masks

Cast: Kim Sun A, Oh Yoon Ah, Shin Eun Jung, Yoo Sun

Plot: In this upcoming K-drama, the lives of four women are intertwined due to one man. Do Jae-Yi (Kim Sun A) is a renowned human rights lawyer who fights for the oppressed. Her ambition drives her to expose the corrupt practices of the mayor of Tongjoo City. Meanwhile, Go Yoo-Na (Oh Yoon Ah) fled to the United States after being implicated in a murder case a decade ago. Now, happily married with a daughter, her life takes a sudden turn when her child goes missing, forcing her to confront her past and the three friends who abandoned her. Joo Yoo-Jung (Shin Eun Jung), the chairwoman of an arts foundation, faces an uncomfortable situation when a man appears in her life, just before she’s set to get married. And finally, Yoon Hae-Mi (Yoo Sun), the vice president of Mariana Hotel, has worked her way up from the bottom to achieve her current position. Her unrelenting desire to get what she wants makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Air date: April 24

Network: Channel A

Bad Mother

Cast: Ra Mi Ran , Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin, yoo in soo

plot: “bad mother”, directed by shim na yeon, and written by bae se young is about an unexpected accident with a mother, young soon (ra mi ran), who had no choice but to be a bad mother to her children. it is a touching healing comedy in which a son, kang ho (played by lee do hyun) searches for lost happiness. the story of the mother and child who set out to find true happiness only after everything is reset gives a touching feeling with a pleasant laugh. 

ra mi ran plays young soon, a bad mother who has lived a tenacious life to protect her children. young soon, who raised her son alone while running a pig farm, took on the role of a bad mother in order not to pass on her pain.

lee do hyun transforms into kang ho, the son of a prosecutor who became a child in an unexpected accident. kang ho, whose mother’s plan could not help but become his own life, harbored his own secrets and became a cold-blooded prosecutor. turning away from his mother and running for success, he becomes a child in an unexpected accident and lives a new life with a bad mother.

air date: april 26

network: JTBC

which one of these kdramas are you most excited to see?

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