The List Of Disney+ K-Dramas Airing In 2023

Are you a fan of K-dramas and looking for all the best shows to stream on Disney+ in 2023? We’ve got you covered! Our list features every Disney Plus Korean drama to be released in 2023! Check it out!

Note: please note that the information in this article may be subject to change as the release dates for these Disney+ K-Dramas are subject to change. We will do our best to keep this article updated with the most current information. The list is arranged by date, from January to December.

*tba means: to be announced

Big Bet 2

Cast: Choi Min Sik,  Son Suk KuLee Dong Hwi, Heo Sung Tae, and more.

Plot: “Big Bet” tells the story of one man who becomes the king of the casino after many twists and turns. After a series of incidents, he loses everything but decides to return to the game with his life on the line. The 2nd part will focus on what happens after the 1st part wraps up.

Air date: February 15, 2023

Call It Love

Cast: Lee Sung KyungKim Young Kwang, Hani, Sung Joon and Kim Ye Won

Plot: “Call It Love” is a romantic melodrama in which a man and a woman, who become entangled due to revenge, forget about revenge and instead shed tears because of their situation. The drama is about these two people who are tired of the harsh reality they live in so they come to understand each other and begin to change for the better.

Air date: February 22, 2023


Cast: Lee Yeon Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Moon So Ri, and TVXQ Yunho.

Plot: Disney+’s original series “Race” is an office drama in which Park Yoon Jo, an agency employee with zero specs but full passion, gets a job in the public relations department of a large company where her best friend Ryu Jae Min works, and then meets her role model Gu Yi Jung.

Estimated Air date: May 10, 2023

Shadow Detective 2

Cast: Lee Sung Min, Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Shin Rok

Plot: Disney+’s original series “Shadow Detective” tells the story of a detective who became a murder suspect who killed a colleague and tries to catch the unidentified blackmailer “friend” whose phone calls chase his past. The 2nd season will carry out after events from the first season ended.

Air date: July 5, 2023


Cast: Ryu Seung Ryong, Jo In Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Cha Tae Hyun, and Ryu Seung Bum.

Plot: It is an action-hero thriller based on a webtoon by Kang Full. It will be a large-scale drama about three people discovering their superpowers

Estimated Air date: August 9, 2023

Han River Police

Cast: Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Won, Lee Sang Yi, Bae Da Bin, and Shin Hyun Seung

Plot: “Han River Police” is a water-themed comic-action drama about Team Han River Police, who protect the Han River day and night, getting involved in crimes surrounding the river.

Air date: September 13

Network: Disney+

The Worst Of Evil

Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon and Lim Se Mi

Plot: The drama tells the story of a new type of drug called “Seoul Crystal” spreading through nightclubs in Seoul in 1990. Ji Chang Wook plays Park Joon-mo, a local police officer struggling to dismantle the drug trafficking triangle from within.

Air date: September 27

Soundtrack #2

Cast: tba

Plot: Disney+ revealed that “Soundtrack #1” is coming back with season two titled “Soundtrack #2.” The new season will feature a new cast and a new story.

Air date: tba

Network: Disney+

Connect Part 2

Cast: Jung Hae In and more

Plot: the plot carries on from part 1

Air date: unspecified

Network: Disney+


Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Yoo Ji Tae

Plot: “Vigilante,” which will be released after Nam Joo Hyuk joins the military, is based on a popular webtoon by Kim Kyu Sam, and depicts a story of a metropolitan investigation team investigator tracking down Vigilante, who judges evil people who have escaped the law. Nam Joo Hyuk plays the character of the dark hero Ji Yong who fights evil.

Air date: first half of 2023

Network: Disney+

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