Disney+ “Blood Free” Ending Explained- Season Two Coming Soon?

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Disney+ has released the two final episodes of “Blood Free” a couple of hours ago, let us discuss the ending!

“Blood Free” episode 10 recap

Jayu is holding a meeting with several top doctors showing them their innovation with the cultured organs, they are very impressed but she says she won’t take it public until everything is perfect this includes submitting their knowledge so the AI can learn and it could aid them in surgery.

Jayu asks San for the killer’s number and sends him a voice note saying she knows what he did and will deal with him. San repeatedly warns her to not do something alone or else she might be gravely in danger.

The killer is being followed around by Dorson men who want to get rid of him, he is gravely injured during a confrontation and barely escapes. He calls Jayu.

Jeong Hae-Deun wakes up from her coma but she’s not remembering anything. Jayu goes to see her but on the way she receives the killer’s voice note and changes direction.

Meanwhile, Dorson men are still following the killer and a showdown on the top of a building ensues. San follows Jayu’s car right behind her too.

Jayu sees the killer and gets him out of his car because he’s badly injured, they load him into her car and when the men on the phone with Dorson’s CEO who says to stop them at all cost, so they slam the car and push it off the building gravely injuring both parties in the car.

Prime Minister Seonu Jae searches everywhere for the killer and figures there is only one place he could be so he coordinates the search and seizure of BF’s building. In the meantime, their systems are being hacked too.

The doctors are in the middle of surgery on Jayu who has damaged nearly all of her organs and is on death bed. They pick the cultured organs and transport them to her.

Armed men then exit a truck and invade the BF building taking over the hard disks of the work and destroying everything. Chae-Woon sees this and follows them, he gets into fights with the men and kills several, but he gets stabbed.

He makes his way to the room where Jayu is and finds more armed men, they pressure Seo Hui to lead them to the room and there another huge fight occurs. The armed men see Jayu and the killer too. They stop the surgery and hit the doctors but then Chae-Woon fights back again and takes down a couple more men but this time he gets even more injured and loses a lot of blood.

Jayu’s body is lying there and its been contaminated during the fight. Chae-Woon collapses after being badly injured and San rushes to see the damage and barely prevents a man from collapsing on Jayu during a fight.

Prime Minister Seonu Jae is alerted of this and chooses to do an interview with the news insisting his dad is not a terrorist. He claims Chae-Woon was not sound of mind and claims his dad ordered the terrorist attack and says he’s only a pawn used by BF.

The interviewer then surprises him with a fake voice recording of a conversation Jeong Hae-Deun had with his father. He did this to set him up. Seonu Jae walks away from the interview and the former president now knows his dad tried to kill him.

Seonu Jae writes a lengthy apology letter announcing he’s stepping down from his position and says an investigation will be carried out against his father.

He then has an argument with his father who discovers just how terrible his son is. He tries to convince Seonu Jae that he will hand him everything in this company but Seonu Jae is not buying it and says when will that ever happen. He tells his dad to spend some time in jail.

After the dust settles, San visits Jeong Hae-Deun who still can’t remember anything. he tells her they’re no longer watching her and tells her to take care of herself.

Seonu Jae is now the CEO of Dorson and gets handed the hard disk drives of BF’s technology revealing he indeed sent those men to hunt down the killer and Jayu. He’s told that Jayu is likely dead.

Some masked armed men take over a location that seems to have bodies and insert certain hard disks. San is interviewed by prosecutors but denies everything and says Jayu is alive.

Then we see the Bf building, inside it somewhere Chae-Woon’s body lies, he’s alive and Jayu is heard saying ‘Jang Yeongsil, where am i?’ Chae-Woon wakes up.

The end.

“Blood Free” ending explained- FAQ

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