UPDATED: All The tvN K-Dramas That Aired In 2023


Get ready for a great year of K-drama entertainment on tvN! In this article, we’ll be introducing you to every series of tvN that aired in 2023. From heartwarming romance to thrilling mystery, these shows have it all.

Note: This article contains a list of K-dramas that will be airing on tvN in 2023.

Crash Course In Romance

Cast: Jeon Do Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, and more

Plot: “Crash Course In Romance” is a drama depicting the bittersweet romance between a president of a national side dish store and a private math instructor. Director Yoo Je Won and writer Yang Hee Seung have reunited after a long time after “High School King” and “Oh My Ghostess”.

Estimated Air date: January 14th, 2023.

Network: tvN

Our Blooming Youth

Cast: Park Hyung Sik , Jeon So Nee, and more

Plot: “Our Blooming Youth” is a youth salvation romance that tells the story of a mysterious cursed crown prince and a genius girl who was singled out as the culprit of a family murder case overnight.

Air date: Feburary 6, 2023

The Heavenly Idol

Cast: Kim Min Gyu, Go Bo Gyeol,  Lee Jang Woo, Tak Jae Hoon, Ye Ji Won 

Plot: “The Heavenly Idol” is a drama adaptation about the world’s greatest divine power, Lambrary, who transforms into the body of an unknown idol’s body in the disorganized entertainment industry in Korea one day. The drama is based on the Web novel and Webtoon of the same name.

Kim Min Gyu will play the main role of Lambrary, who is regarded as the world’s most divine power and the current unknown idol, for unknown reasons, the world’s most divine power somehow awakens in the body of Woo Yeon Woo, a member of the current unpopular idol group “Wild Animal,” who debuted 3 years ago

Air date: February 15, 2023

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise

Cast: Lee Ji Ah, Lee Sang Yoon, Jang Hee Jin, Park Ki Woong, Bong Tae Gyu, Han Soo Yeon, Ahn Nae Sang, Kyun Mi Ri, and more

Plot: “Pandora: Beneath The Paradise” is a revenge drama in which a woman who lives a life that everyone envies restores her lost past memories and punishes the forces that manipulated her fate.

Lee Ji Ah plays Hong Tae Ra, who is willing to risk her life for the people she loves. Lee Sang Yoon takes on the role of Pyo Jae Hyeon, the husband of Hong Tae Ra and the chairman of Haechi, an IT company that possesses new brain nerve smart patch technology. They live a life that everyone envies, but as Hong Tae Ra’s memories of the past come back, an irreversible tragedy begins.

Air date: March 11, 2023

Network: tvN

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper

Cast: Joo Won, Lee Ju Woo, Jo Han Chul, Kim Jae Won

Plot: ““Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” is a crime comic action drama in which a veiled cultural property thief skunk and an unofficial cultural property recovery team ‘Karma’ unite to compete against those who won’t be judged by the law.

Estimated Air date: April 12, 2023

Network: tvN

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Cast: Lee Dong Wook, Kim So Yeon, Kim Bum, Ryu Kyung Soo, Hwang Hee, Kim Yong Ji, Nahyun, Kim Joo Young, Jo Dal Hwan and more

Plot: “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” is a K-fantasy action historical drama about Gumiho Lee Yeon, who crashed into the chaotic era of 1938 and struggles to return to the modern era. The drama is equipped with more dynamic action scenes, expanded scale, and various characters from mythical creatures and native spirits that are ingeniously interwoven in a unique worldview.

Estimated Air date: May 6, 2023

Network: tvN

Delightfully Deceitful

Cast: Chun Woo Hee, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park, Sojin, Lee Yeon, and more

Plot: “Beneficial Fraud” (Script by Han Woo Joo, Director Lee Soo Hyun) is about a swindler who cannot empathize and a lawyer who is overly empathetic. It is a revenge play against absolute evil and a thrilling cooperative fraud.

Chun Woo Hee plays the role of Lee Roum, a scammer who cannot empathize, and kim dong wook takes on the role of Han Moo Young, an empathic lawyer.

Air date: May 29, 2023

Network: tvN

See You in My 19th Life

Cast: Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yun Kyung, And Ahn Dong Gu

Plot: “See You in my 19th Life” is a drama based on the webtoon of the same name written by Lee Hey. It tells the story of a woman who remembers all of her previous lives. Shin Hye Sun will play the role of the female lead Ban Ji Eun, a woman who goes after her love from her 18th life despite knowing that her biggest rival is none other than her former self Yoo Joo Won. She got reincarnated for nearly a thousand years. She’s been living her life diligently. In her 19th life, she decides to meet a man named Moon Seo Ha [played by Ahn Bo Hyun] who she met in her 18th life.

Air date: June 17, 2023

The Uncanny Counter 2

Cast: Jo Byeong Gyu, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Sejeong, Yeom Hye Ran , Yoo In Soo, Kang Ki Young, Kim Hye Ra and Kim Hyun Wook

Plot: “The Uncanny Counter 2” is a thrilling and sweat-inducing supernatural action drama where the demon hunters called “Counters” with enhanced abilities and new members fight against increasingly powerful demons on Earth.

Air date: July 29, 2023

Twinkling Watermelon

Cast: Ryeo Un, Choi Hyun Wook, Seol In A and Shin Eun Soo.

Plot: Its a fantasy youth drama about a deaf boy named Eun-Gyeol who is born to deaf parents and has a natural talent for music. He accidentally ends up in a mysterious space through a strange music store and forms a band called “Watermelon Sugar” with the mysterious youth he meets there.

Air date: September 25, 2023

Castaway Diva

Cast: Park Eun BinKim Hyo Jin, Chae Jong Hyeop, Cha Hak Yeon and Kim Joo Heon.

Plot: “Castaway Diva” is a humanistic emotional drama that depicts the journey of Seo Mok-ha, an aspiring singer who was rescued from a desert island after 15 years.

Park Eun Bin will take on the role of Seo Mok-ha. She is a character who survived alone on the deserted island for 15 long years. Despite the hardships of the world, she gains a more precious understanding and steps out into the world.

Air date: October 28, 2023

Maestra: Strings of Truth

Cast: Lee Young Ae, Kim Mu Saeng, Kim Young Jae and more

Plot: “Maestra: Strings of Truth” is a thrilling new series that features Lee Young Ae as Cha Se Eum, an exceptional and renowned conductor, who unravels hidden truths within her orchestra while keeping her own secrets concealed, drawing inspiration from the French show “Philharmonia.”

Air date: December 9, 2023

Which one of these tvN 2023 kdramas are you most excited to see?

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