6 Popular Female Idols Who Get Hate For The Most Ridiculous Incomprehensible Reasons

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Online hate can be detrimental to a Kpop idol health and it is especially worse for female idols who usually get hate a lot more than their male counterparts, often time for the most ridiculous reasons.

Today, we’ll go through a list of popular female Kpop idols who get hate for the most incomprehensible reasons.

Note: this is not a comprehensive list.  



Hwasa is not your conventional Kpop female idol, she is a lot more free and expressive, she’s slowly but surely making her mark on the Kpop industry, but that also comes with its own setbacks.

If you remember, last year, Hwasa was heavily criticized for wearing a beautiful red outfit to perform at the MAMA. It made headlines and was heavily talked about so much so that her agency had to issue a response basically telling netizens they didn’t care about their opinions and that Hwasa is free to do as she pleases.

She also got criticized for ‘being too ugly to be an idol,’ some fans even wanted her to leave her group because she didn’t fit the idol image.

Hwasa also gets criticized for her no-bra fashion, not too long ago; she was criticized for not wearing one to the airport. She is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t mind flaunting it.

Despite netizens continuously criticizing her right to dress as she pleases, she continues to ignore them and do her thing.



HyunA is considered one of the most talked-about female idols. She got hate for expressing her love to her boyfriend and for going public with her relationship. She is a senior in the industry and has been promoting for such a long time but is still criticized for wanting to be in love and wanting to express it as she pleases.

She first got hate for going public in her relationship with Dawn (previously known as E’Dawn). She was called the ‘person who ruined Pentagon.’ She also got hate whenever she posted selfies or videos with Dawn on Instagram.

She also got criticized for allegedly getting lip fillers; she was attacked in the comment section of articles that discussed the possibility of her getting fillers a couple of months ago. She ended up responding to those comments correcting them.

She also gets criticized for her ‘sexy’ performances for an adult audience. She continues to ignore those haters and continues to express herself how she pleases.



Rapper Jessi is very different from your average Kpop idol, having been raised in New Jersey, America, she has that attitude that many Kpop female idols don’t possess or dare show.

Because she was raised for a good portion of her life in the US, she didn’t conform to the standards expected of Kpop idols.

For starters she doesn’t mind cursing, she also doesn’t shy away speaking up her mind or putting you on a blast if you’re doing/saying something wrong. She might come off intimidating, but she’s still a queen nonetheless.

Because of her character, she got criticized by many netizens whenever she appeared on variety shows, many calling her ‘too tough,’ ‘a b*tch’ and more. She was recently heavily criticized for wearing (prepare for it) a white t-shirt and black tight shorts.

The issue happened at the airport when she lifted her hands to wave goodbye to fans it appeared as if the tight black short was only an undergarment. Many netizens called her ‘cheap,’ and worse names. She put them on a blast and confronted them in a video asking people to leave her the fuck alone.



Jennie is one of those highly misunderstood idols who get hate for simply breathing. Everything she does usually makes headlines and portrays her in a bad light.

Jennie has been the center of blinks debate into who gets treated better in BLACKPINK. Jennie is one of the most active members of her group and many people, even some in her own group fandom, usually throws hate at her for the events her company plan for her.

Despite not being in charge of her own activities, Jennie gets often labeled the ‘spoiled princess’ of her group. A simple photo in which she shows her tongue got massive hate. She gets hate for what wears and for attending activities when her other group members didn’t.

What might seem as common sense is not so common after all? Despite the fact that is widely known that idols (especially early on their careers) can’t control their careers, many still throw hate at her because YG promotes her heavily.

Goo Hara


Goo Hara is one of the most extreme cases on this list that almost ended in tragedy.

Goo Hara was involved in the very public fight against her ex-boyfriend who attempted to spread their sex tape. It all started with a simple assault case that alleged Goo Hara beat her ex-boyfriend, which was what the boyfriend alleged to police.

It was later confirmed they got into a physical altercation and both of them sustained injuries as a result. He had blackmailed her with their sex tape threatening to spread it everywhere. He even contacted Dispatch; they shut him down immediately and alerted Goo Hara’s side.

While the trial was ongoing, back on May 26, Goo Hara attempted suicide due to the immense pressure and backlash she had received.

She had sent alarming messages the day before and her manager found her unconscious, luckily, he was able to alert authorities quickly and saved her life.

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She was criticized for filming the sex tape and for her involvement with the ex-boyfriend not to mention the pressure she must’ve felt because of how conservative the Korean culture is. Her world came crashing down in late 2018 due to her possessive ex-boyfriend. She hasn’t promoted in South Korea since and currently focuses solely on Japan.

Their trial ended a couple of months ago; Choi Jong Bum (ex-boyfriend) had received a prison sentence of one year and six months, suspended for three years of probation. The prosecution filed an appeal against the court’s sentence back in September advocating for a harsher sentence to serve as a lesson to those who would attempt to do what he did in the near future.



Sulli’s case is the most tragic on this list, a cautionary tale about how hate comments can literally end a person’s life.

What’s very puzzling for many fans around the world was how insignificant the controversies were. News outlets magnified everything she ever did or posted about and netizens were quick to react in the comment section.

Sulli never broke the law or had done anything that warranted the shame she received.

She was rather free-spirited, an idol who enjoyed sharing pictures with her boyfriend (at the time choiza), a supporter of women’s rights, she protested for women’s freedom to wear no bras if they felt like it.


The hate began in 2013-2014 when her dating rumors with Choiza began spreading, many criticized them for dating each other, calling them a miss-match, many didn’t support the relationship and protested that Choiza ruined Sulli and was the reason why she changed.

After taking a hiatus and ultimately leaving f(x), Sulli focused on films. During that time, she was still the topic of discussion and with every photo she posted, she was immensely criticized and called all sorts of names for doing just average things any other woman her age would do.

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Sulli passed away on October 14. Sulli’s manager found her dead at her home in Seongnam of Gyeonggi Province on October 14 at approximately 3:21 p.m. KST.

Many fans believe the hate comments were the true murders of Sulli.

Being a Kpop idol is very difficult and even more challenging if you don’t share the same mentality as the majority of other Kpop idols.

Which one of these cases shocked you the most? What do you think is the best way to deal with such an amount of unnecessary hate?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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