K-Netizen Bombard Jessi With Harsh Comments For Her Controversial Airport Fashion, She Issued A Response

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‘ Rapper Jessi has been receiving criticism for her airport fashion!

On September 20 morning, Jessi headed to the airport. She flew over to Thailand to attend the upcoming event “K-Crush Concert.”

She made headlines for her controversial airport fashion choice, she wore an oversized white t-shirt and black tight shorts. However, when she lifted her hands to wave goodbye to fans it appeared as if the tight black short was only an undergarment.

K-netizens bombarded her with critical harsh comments, many pointing out that its too revealing, some of their comments were ‘trashy,’ ‘it looks awful,’ ‘doesn’t she know that children might be watching her?’ ‘why is she wearing only underwear?’ ‘dirty,’ ‘she’s crossing the line,’ ‘cheap,’ and more.

Jessi apparently found out about the controversy her outfit caused after landing in Thailand. Because of the overwhelming amount of attention and criticism, it seems that Jessi wanted to issue a clarification; she posted a video explaining that she was wearing ‘legging shorts.’ She also thanked her fans in Thailand for welcoming her.

She commented in both English and Korean, she captioned the video,

“They are legging shorts. btw thank you Thailand for the warm welcoming.”

Jessi is currently gearing up for her first comeback since joining P-Nation; she will release her new single on September 23.

She also later held an Instagram live session defending herself even more, she says that she just wore what she felt like and its not ‘airport fashion’ she asked netizens to let her live.

What do you think of her airport fashion choice?

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