Why This Video Of An EXO Baekhyun Sasaeng Running After Him In The Airport Is Going Viral

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EXO Baekhyun sasaengs are on another level!

A video of EXO Baekhyun on cart in the airport, which was taken recently, has gone viral. It has gone viral because of the female who was seen running after him across the airport.

The video was taken when EXO landed in Thailand ahead of their EXplOration concerts. While there were fans who greeted them and kept a personal space, not the same could be said about others.

EXO are a huge group so it’s expected that they have many sasaengs who invade their personal space, however, many EXO-Ls are furious with just how persistent and annoying this particular sasaeng is.

She can be seen running so fast alongside the cart while Baekhyun looks seriously upset and done with her antics.

Other EXO-Ls exposed the sasaeng and identified her as a known EXO sasaeng who often sells flight information of EXO. EXO-Ls actively reported her account and blocked her in attempt to stop her from publishing photos and video taken by invading EXO personal space.

You can check out the video below:

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  1. I’ve seen saseangs giving out chanyeol’s mother’s home address and number
    Xiumin’s sis number
    Their managers number
    Members and their numbers
    What what not!
    At the end I feel so bad for them

  2. if I were that sasaeng fan, I’ll grab Baekyhun, carry him and took him home. He’s soo cute I wanna keep and take care of him forever. Actually not only Baekyhun, I will take all EXO members in my home coz they are all babies and I wanna take care of them!

    1. I agree this is psycho behavior. What troubles me is how sasaengs are able to get away with what is basically harassment and are never reprimanded or jailed… And how was she able to chase after him across the airport THAT close, invading his personal space and no one stopped her?

  3. I wish fans would always respect and give pace for their beloved celebrities. I mean if you really love them genuinely, you would not have done such an act right infront of them at least. Cmon people, don’t let your fantasies lead you to be such a jackass delusional. Be ashamed.. They also desire to live with peace as ordinary people do.. Trespassing others private space is so wrong, they are humans too, aren’t they? :/

    This always annoyed me really bad since the beginning of idolism.. Fans would actually worship singers.. Please leave Baekhyun, no. Even other singers as well, for they also require tranquility in order to keep living.

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