EXO Kai Exposes Sasaeng Following Him Around, Says He’s Suing Malicious Commenters

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EXO Kai is done with sasaengs (so-called obsessive fans) and fans are loving it! 

On May 18, Kai went live on Instagram a couple of times to interact with his fans, he showed off his hot body in the gym and ended it with almost an hour-long session in the park. 

When he left the gym and was in the car he opened live again, however, he noticed that there was a sasaeng car following him around, he turned his phone around and showed the car to his fans before turning back the phone to his face, you can hear him say, 

“Look… that’s a sasaeng… sasaeng… lets go somewhere else and turn on live again.”

He turned it off and then greeted fans with another one when he arrived at the park. 

When fans saw this, they became furious with the sasaeng who must’ve followed him for a while for him to recognize her/him.  

Kai then delivered good news to fans he let them know that he wants them to be happy and said he is going to sue the netizens who leave malicious comments since his fans are stressing over it.  

Fans are glad haters will be sued but are still furious with sasaeng so obviously and shamelessly following him around. 

Check out his park live below: 

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  1. I wish SM would do more than sit on their asses while their artists have to put up with this crap. Kai, I wish you a happy life, free saesangs.

  2. I love you so much but just hang in there u will be fine the only reason they were following u around because hello it’s u, like who wouldn’t want 2 be u. They we just looking at how they can look like u, if it was boys then they were looking on how 2 get girls just like u please pass my love into the rest of the group and I hope u have an amazing and a successful future xx

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