Sasaengs Break Into EXO Chanyeol Studio, Police Report Filed

On June 21, various news outlets reported that back in April, two Chinese sasaeng fans tried to break into Chanyeol’s studio in the Yeoksam area. It was reported that a woman who was in the office by herself recorded the incident and sent it to Chanyeol who in turn reported to the police.

In response to media outlets reports, SM Entertainment released an official statement confirming a report was indeed filed with the police. The agency called the sasaengs, ‘habitual’ and explained these incidents happened repeatedly.

On the identity of the woman who alerted Chanyeol, the agency explained that she was a staff that works on music there.

The agency concluded their statement with,

“As the violation of privacy is serious and crosses the line causing pain and damage to our artists, we ask you to restrain yourself [from violating the artist privacy].”

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