Korean EXO-Ls Calling For EXO Chen To Leave The Group + Begin Boycott And Demand SM’s Response

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It seems that many Korean EXO-Ls are not exactly all that happy about EXO Chen marriage and baby news.

The news was released a couple of days ago and it caused a huge commotion because it literally came out of nowhere to fans and spectators alike, Chen had never once confirmed he was dating or ever was publicly involved in dating rumors so the news was a huge shock to the fandom.

Most international EXO-Ls reacted with maturity to the news, many wishing Chen the best trending various hashtags to echo their sentiment, on the other hand, twitter Korea trending hashtags were something entirely different.

At first, the reaction of Korean EXO-Ls was relatively mixed, however, as more articles came out and some sasaengs actually revealing information about his alleged wife and how long they’ve been dating, the situation kept escalating into a bad one as many Korean EXO-Ls expressed how they felt ‘betrayed’ by him. Other EXO-Ls who weren’t outwardly biased towards Chen were also upset because his announcement caused harm to other EXO members who had nothing to do with it.


EXO Suho was the first member to be publicly seen after the marriage announcement at his musical press conference; he was visibly nervous and couldn’t even look the press straight in the eyes. This drew even more criticism towards Chen.

Note: what we’re about to talk about doesn’t represent what EVERY Korean EXO-L thinks but these negative messages asking him to leave have been gaining more momentum so we’re covering the news and discussing why some want him to leave. Also, this doesn’t represent what we at jazminemedia.com believe in, we’re merely sharing how the korean side reacted to the news.

Chen is a part of one of the biggest boy groups that are currently promoting, aside from the marriage news, the baby news shocked many Korean EXO-Ls because they didn’t think Chen would do this at such a point in his career.

He has a successful solo career and is well-loved by the public. Generally speaking, idols are marketed as ‘boyfriend’ material by Kpop companies; idols promote that ‘boyfriend’ image to the public, fans spend thousands of dollars on their favorite idols on various projects from birthdays to drama shootings and so much more. Being a dedicated fan in South Korea is not cheap. With that mentality comes the sense of entitlement that many fans feel towards their idols.

Idols are also viewed as objects of admiration and perfection, and a pregnancy and marriage announcement goes against the foundation of how the ‘idol-image’ is promoted. Not to mention, other k-netizens who might not be fans of the group will develop what Korean EXO-Ls believe to be ‘a negative’ opinion of EXO as a result.

It’s a chain reaction and the more Korean EXO-Ls began expressing their sadness, the more others began using the opportunity to ‘expose’ his fiancé. It turns out that some EXO-Ls were allegedly already aware of Chen’s relationship and some had even known about his fiancé alleged Instagram account. Some believe she used to share a lot of posts ‘alluding’ to her relationship with Chen.

Of course, the sentence above is not confirmed news, it’s merely speculations and fans spreading information shared by other fans, but the more time passes by the more details about his alleged fiancé are being revealed. SM’s silence during this time is definitely not helping.

On Naver, ‘Chen out’ was the top trending keyword last night as well as other keywords relating to Chen’s marriage news. Some Korean EXO-Ls have been spreading a picture asking Chen to leave on the app where he revealed his dating news. Over 28 fansites have closed down and there is reportedly only one fansite left standing.


An EXO fan gallery has also released a post requesting Chen withdrawal from the group; they want Chen out from EXO and have announced their plans to boycott Chen’s activities starting January 13, they’re also requesting a quick response from SM. The post ended with the hashtag CHEN_Out.

Others have also joined in as well to demand his exit promising to boycott EXO promotions if he stays a part of EXO. SM hasn’t released but two statements on Chen marriage news, one confirming it and the other one denying he got married on January 13.

Many are on the lookout to how SM and Chen plan on addressing those fans.

UPDATE [January 16]


A big fan union ‘EXO-L ACE’ has taken to Daum Café to publish a lengthy statement about their wishes to kick out EXO Chen from the group and its making headlines everywhere.

On January 16, a fan union which is considered one of the big Korean EXO unions took to Daum Café to release an official statement, they demanded that Chen be kicked out of the group and explained why they believe he’s harming EXO’s image and causing issues among the fandom.

They also asked SM to manage the portal sites and protect EXO, and gave SM until January 18 to issue a response or else they’d be planning offline protests; SM has little time to give feedback to them.

You can read the translated post below:


SM has not issued a response. Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think of some Korean EXO-Ls demands?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. These “FANS” are irrational and not fans at but “FANaticals”. I wish him all the best, and whether he stays or leaves I will support his decision. Marriage and parenthood will give him even more experiences to add to his art. In no way does this wonderful change take away from his talent or ability to perform. I wish him happiness and hope that he has a healthy baby. I apologize, for those who don’t.

    1. Wow this is the funniest and must ridiculous statement I have heard all day. Just let him live his life I don’t think it’s too much to ask for this should not prompt his dismissal in any way. Congratulations EXO Chen.

  2. Korean fans are so fake man. One moment they be praising them over the top, next when thare no confirmation of any wrong doing, they be the first to bash out. Like come on dude just got married, let him live his life.

    1. They are no one to decide whether chen should stay in the group or not.Talking about having a girlfriend and baby,its his personal life they(k exols) should be happy that he informed about it.let me ask a question in this eight years of being a fans of chen or of exo they might have dated so many people did you ever informed exo,did they told you to breakup? No, when who are the peoples that asks such groundless demands.Chen don’t forget we international fans are here to support you

  3. Exo-Ls should leave Chen alone. He is doing the right thing. And he would never marry any of you anyway. All of Exo will marry sooner than later. They are not getting any younger. Every time one ends up with a girlfriend or gets married they will have to leave Exo. That is bull!!! You do not live his life or walk in his shoes. You should not have any say what so ever

  4. What kind of fans are…… Korean fans are so fake they are no true fans and they are narrow minded….. Im sorry to say this whats wrong if an idol chooses to love and having a baby…. Isn’t it nice they can make inspiring music to to tbe fans it not a bad thing…. I think korean fans are fake they are not true exo-l they dont love exo that much speciaaly chen they dont want their idol to be happy and they are selfish in asking chen to leave exo which is one source of his life and dream….. To those korean exol and exol all around the world who are asking chen to leave…… Im sorry to say this your are fake……

    1. I am not an EXO L but recently I am interested in EXO but I’m too disappointed by this new that what his fan thinks for him he already gives his best to his fans and what are they doing is to telling him not to get married why !!! Yeah I understand that maybe it’s hard for them to see there favorite idol with girl but guys she is not just a girl she is someone whom he loved so you have to respect her and chanyeol plz understand this situation ☹

  5. Ridiculous. This #ChenOut is so childish. I mean, he wants to get married so why do you guys just wish him luck and have a happy marriage? Instead of babbling about he should leave exo or whatnot, just focus on your life and have your own partner.

    1. I don’t understand these people sometimes. When Super m debuted they where boycotting sm for overwhelming the members and now the same fans are writing malicious comments and making EXO SAD. I don’t know whether to be happy for Chen or cry for him for having such people surround him. EXO has always been one and always will be. I just wish that those heartless beings will get some humanity and stop.

  6. this f***ing korean exo-l
    who do they think they are
    their mind is immature thinking that they own the idols
    they are human beings after all
    they should be happy that their idol is marrying someone he loves and he is happy

  7. Not fair to.make demands for him to leave. Getting married is his right. Fans do nor own him. Let him him live his life for God’s sake..spread love not hate..

  8. The Korean EXO-Ls that are demanding Chen leave EXO due to the marriage & pregnancy announcement are acting extremely hateful, judgmental and selfish. His job is a K-Pop idol, but his private life is none of their business. As an adult man, he has a right to get married and start a family if he chooses. They criticize him for getting his girlfriend pregnant…..it’s still none of their business.These Korean EXO-Ls threatening to boycott him, saying he has “betrayed” them….are behaving in a totally inappropriate way. They are behaving as if they “own” him……they don’t! He is NOT their property….no matter how much money they have spent as his fan. They are acting gossipy, judgemental, hateful and rude. How quickly they turn from fans to bullies just because Chen has decided he wants to get married and have a family. It’s none of their business what he or any other member of EXO does in their private time. If they were true fans, they would extend kindness and love to Chen…not “crucify” him in their court of public opinion. As an International EXO-L, I am very disappointed by the actions towards Chen from some of the Korean EXO-Ls. I feel sad for Chen and the other members of EXO, as well as all other K-Pop groups…. that feel they must act and uphold “the perfect image” or else suffer the wrath of their so-called “fans”. 🙁

  9. Korean exols really need to wake up…its not like he had commented some serioua crime…ita just a normal thing that every human do he ia just getting married and having his child i don’t think he did some kind of crime that korean exola need to react in thia way… they should appreciate that he shared his happiness with us..they should congrats him instead of him asking to leave group or something like this… i really disappoint cuz of korean exols.. they should be thanked that they live in same coumtry..same language we inexols tried so hard to translate and know about them…they should support him and in future when other members announce that time too support them…one day korean exols are also gonna marry to their someone..so they neer to stop their childish behaviour…i support him and love him and all other exo member..they can do whatever they want to do ita their own life….good wishes to chen and hia wife and they hv healthy baby♡♡

  10. Disgusting fans who are doing this. He is human and he has a right to live his life. Don’t you people are living your life at your own??? He also has the right to have family

    1. someone of these soo called fans, think they own the idol. Honey, no one asked or begged u to be a part of this fandom. It’s obviously by choice. If u have a problem u can leave. No one needs ur toxic nature. A true fan supports there idol during thick and thin and that’s what we intend on during. Chen has found happiness with the women he loves and is going to become a father soon, this makes me soo happy that he is prioritising his happiness. Give the dude some personal space. Let him enjoy his life. His sole purpose in life is not to serve u. In fact u can go get a life.

  11. I personally don’t want Chen to leave exo cause of course he spend his whole life for becoming an idol and to become a part of exo , he have distributed so much to the group , you can’t suddenly ask for him to leave your not a true fan if u want an idol to leave a group just because they are in relationship or getting married , such an disappointment . I’ll continue to support him and I want that other exo member also support him . ❤️

  12. Bruh, you should not just kick out an idol for being in a relationship. Sooner or later, yall are gonna get married too and simply live ur life the way u want to live it. So why cant he also have this right, yall arent his mum and yall ARE DEFINITELY NOT FANS, if u treat him this way. cos an idol is a person too not an object that u thinks is urs.

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with Chen’s decision at all. For my opinion K EXO-L just felt jealous because they will never being noticed by them..not to be rude though

  14. If you are a genuine fan then you won’t leave them alone when they need your support than any one… He first informed to his fans cauz he believed that they would support him to go through all the criticism, they will protect him but some k-EXOLs disappoint his that faith into his fans
    So sad to hear

  15. I am not an EXO L but recently I am interested in EXO but I’m too disappointed by this new that what his fan thinks for him he already gives his best to his fans and what are they doing to telling him not to get married why !!! Yeah I understand that maybe it’s hard for them to see there favorite idol with girl but guys she not just a girl she is someone whom he loved so you have to respect her and chanyeol plz understand this situation ☹

  16. Why do they want him to leave the group. If you were good fans then you would be happy for him.i was shocked when i hear the news too but that doesn’t mean i want him to leave to group, you guys are just being mean and rude.

  17. No we exo_l we’re always love and support exo ….. Chen is a exo member and I respect his decision…… If he is happy then we are also happy….. I need chen together with exo……. I love exo and we are one family exo_l……

  18. So you’re telling me that these eggs would prefer it if they saw articles of chen abandoning his pregnant gf over him getting happily married and living his life as a normal human being??? What type of fan feels betrayed by their idol finding love and happiness? Are they mental? Does receiving the blessing of becoming and parent and finding love take away his ability as one 9f the greatest vocalists and artist out there? Do they even know who Chen of EXO is? One of the best if not the best vocalist of his generation? I really wish sm will just ignore them or take legal action against malicious comments. Look at what these type of “fans” did to baekhyun and taeyeon or even hyuna and dawn more recently. But at leat h and D are still together and happy. I honestly don’t understand how ppl can be this bothered and concerned about their idols PERSONAL love life. Please get a life and find some happiness. Your attitude STINKS.

  19. I think why are Korean fans so obsessed about a celebrity life. This is not the first time I am seeing such rediculous force on celebrities personal life. Come on fans wake up!!! Which era are you all living in??? Every celebrity has his/her own personal life. If you are a true fan respect His works and effort to entertain you all, rather than involving in their personal lives. I seriously feel this is why I see so many suicide case of celebrities only in south Korea. Grow up Korean fans. And remember if you say you are a fan of someone remember it means you will be responsible for his /her professional development only not personal life rather be supportive in his personal life (as fas as he is not doing any criminal affairs). If this is not possible then you are not deserved to be a Dan of anyone.

  20. Why this people called themselves fan… Are doing this if your are truly his fan support him instead of giving bad times.. Even star have own normal life.. I am not getting what happened to this ppl..

  21. EXO -Ls just think are other EXO members will be happy if you ask one of their own family member to leave from the group. Put yourself in his shoes and think will you choose the baby who is yet to see the world OR should have swept the whole thing under the carpet and be with you people (people who blabber about every single thing without thinking twice). Isn’t it more sad that abandoning the girl with the baby just like that, isn’t it betraying and unmanly.
    If he had left that girl and baby than he should definitely leave the group because if he can’t even save and give love to a single person how can he do that to others. #SUPPORT #JUSTTHINKGUYS.

  22. I dont think he should leave the group afterall its his private life no interruption btw you’re not allowed to rule his life or anyone’s life at this point the Exo-L should be more kind of supportive to him if you’re a true Exo-L you must seek for your idol’s happiness! Idk why some are bothering at this point. He is a great solo singer and even after being a father he will be a great singer and so there’s no reason to leave. Yeah when i heard the news It hurt but we cant let him be like a prisoner. He has his own life too. Exo-L should understand this. Don’t ruin his happiness in ongoing precious moments.

  23. So let first tell all the fans who are demanding for Chen to leave EXO……GROW UP. I fully understand boy groups being marketed as”Boyfriends” but turning on an idol just because he fell in love and is going to get married and have a child is ridiculous. How would any fans feel if someone told them they could not fall in love and get married because of their job. I’m sure none of us would like that. He is a human being who deserves to find happiness outside of his job. No one’s support should waiver because of this. It is not gonna affect how he.performs for us. I wish him all the best in this new chapter and look forward to continue seeing him on stage.

  24. They are no one to decide whether chen should stay in the group or not.Talking about having a girlfriend and baby,its his personal life they(k exols) should be happy that he informed about it.let me ask a question in this eight years of being a fans of chen or of exo they might have dated so many people did you ever informed exo,did they told you to breakup? No, when who are the peoples that asks such groundless demands

  25. Why are people making such a big issue. He never promised someone that he will never date or marry someone Neither he said anyone that he will date one of them. Is removal of chen from exo is the right choice. He also contributed alot in exo’s success. Just he married someone that doesnt mean that people will hit him to the bottom. This is really disgusting.

  26. This just shows how desperate these ‘FANS’ are towards male group idols. They fawn over them because they see these idols as their “boyfriend”/ “husband”/”baby”/”daddy” that can liven up their fantasy of having the perfect love life they all dreamed and yearned for. Just how sad and lonely are these “FANS” to want Chen to be removed/out of the group just because he’ll get married and will soon have a child? Is it because they don’t want Chen to influence the other boys to fall in love and have a family of their own? Or is it because they’ll lose their “boyfriend” to someone else other than them? Korean EXO fans and other fans should accept reality and the fact that EXO and other male group/idols would eventually marry and have a family of their own.

  27. Pathetic fans in my opinion. They aren’t real fans if they cant accept his privacy. Idols have lives too other than the stage. Fake fans have done the exact same thing to sungmin shi when he got married. How immature and infidel

    1. I think more that even marrying a person, k-exols might be more upset about chen having a baby before marriage. Having a baby before marriage is a BIG stigma in the Korean society. While its obviously horrible to ask him to leave exo, anyone could’ve predicted this would happen in Korea.

  28. I don’t understand these people sometimes. When Super m debuted they where boycotting sm for overwhelming the members and now the same fans are writing malicious comments and making EXO SAD. I don’t know whether to be happy for Chen or cry for him for having such people surround him. EXO has always been one and always will be. I just wish that those heartless beings will get some humanity and stop.

  29. Whats the problem do this people have yaar he is also a person so he has right to do whatever he likes just bcoz he is a singer thats doesnt mean he will remain single for whole life ffor you people seriously disguisting people u all are

    1. They are so stupid.who are you?are you chen’s sister,gf or crazy woman from mental hosp?pls look at the mirror or some one will hit ur head so hard..mental breakdown

  30. I am not an extreme fan of exo but telling someone to leave the group just bcs he is getting married /starting a new life is not right if that were the case once all the exo members start finding someone to spend the rest of their lives with n then you tell them to leave the group just bcs the are getting married their would be no group

  31. I’m sorry but they need to grow up, he is a human being too just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love and have kids. They be mad because he isn’t in love with them so honestly they can stfu peace ✌️

  32. What happened to their claims of fan loyalty to the end. These people are not fans and I think they should withdraw from the Fandom. Their demands are selfish and hateful and they need to grow up who the heck do they think they are. Stand down girls and let thy this man live HIS life. A

  33. What kind of fan they’re..so idol cannot have marrage life or baby..u should be happy if u r true fan of them..u want them to make u happy beign single forever?dont be selfish..u sould bless them..

  34. This is the toxic mentality that K-Netizens have of their idols. The idolisation of an artist only and should remain at a professional level. They need to learn to separate profession and career from personal life. The expectation that idols belongs to them is both insane and inconsiderate of the artists. This is bully behaviour against artists and this should not stand! They are oblivious to the harm they pose to artist in which they are creating slaves to obey to their perceptive and stereotype approach to artistry.

  35. A true fan would support Chen for having a healthy personal life and a true fan would wish him good luck. Chen should not leave the group, he still has all the talent and qualities we love him for. People grow, NOW, he can be honored for being in a healthy happy relationship. Isn’t that what most of us want? Realistically, it is selfish to expect our idols to not live and be normal. If you can’t do that, then you never loved them. Chen, good luck, be HAPPY

  36. What’s wrong with you all he is also a person as we are why can’t he have someone to love we all have that someone we cherish, we love, we adore why can’t he also have it and let’s remember EXO WE ARE ONE let’s support him.

  37. I am am exo_l and i have to say, i feel sooo sorry for some of us. He could have kept this a secret for the rest of his life just like how he has been but when he shared it , it means he is so happy and he wanted to share his happiness with and was asking for owr blessing but instaed he git our hate . I’m so sad because this is a wrong image of exo_ls. And chen’s decisions are none of our buisness si show some respect

  38. Such a mentals .
    This makes me feel Koreans are the barbarian in a civilized world.
    Instead of happy for him and wishing him happiness .
    Aasshhhh..are these barbarians going kill him too ?

  39. Stupid people who the heck are they to dictate others, life I mean at the end of the day the idols are still human let them live their life

  40. Them asking him to leave the group JUST because he has a fiancè and a supppsedly soon-to-be born child is very disappointing…yall only think about your damn selves..why do you think he hid them!?!…why do you think that almost every idol would hide their relationship from you!?!..it’s because they’re scared!!!..they’re scared for their significant other because they know very well that a majority of yall cant can’t control your jealousy sooooo much that you would do ANYTHING to make them yours!! Even if it means hurting their significant other ☠..JUST STOOOOP!!! LET THEM LIVE!! THEY’RE HUMANS TOO!! THEY NEED SOMEONE TO LOVE!! SOMEONE TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES WITH!! SOMEONE TO HAVE A FAMILY WITH!!! SOMEONE TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE WITH!! BUT THEY CAN’T DO THAT BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE GONNA END UP HARMING THEIR LOVED ONES AND MAYBE EVEN THEM AS WELL!!!……y’all need to give them the freedom to do what they want, what they need, what they DESERVE..stop controlling their life..

  41. Here is a grown man who is in love and wants a family. I think the fans are blowing the situation out of proportion and are reacting immaturely.
    It’s pathetic and truly shows the toxicity of some of these ‘fandoms’. You wish to be a true fan—rejoice when your idol has found happiness.

  42. I believe that Korean fans are being absurd in kicking out CHEN from the group. This is NOT normal behavior and it needs to stop. Their actions are seriously affecting the lives of the artists, causing distress to other fans, and even affecting their own personal life. Idols or celebrities are also human beings and they deserve to have a NORMAL life. I would like to add that Asian Boss also made a video on the topic of Korean idols dating.

    The comment section was flooded with support for these idols and they see it as nothing wrong.

    I hope that they will tackle about idol marriage soon.

  43. You know I think its better to respect other people’s opinions and to also realize that each one of the idols has a life of their own which doesn’t revolve around us the fans. Its okay to say what you feel but its wiser to reason and make sense in whatever situation that may arise.

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