Over 28 Fansites Shut Down Or Take Rest Following EXO Chen Marriage News

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EXO Chen marriage news is being met with a lot of pushback from many Korean fans and its starting to show.

Two days ago, EXO Chen dropped a bombshell; he revealed that he’s getting married to his girlfriend and that she’s pregnant. The 27-year-old idol has never been once involved in dating rumors or even confirmed to be dating so this news came as a shock to many many fans.

International EXO-Ls mainly welcomed the news and were very supportive of him; they congratulated him on his upcoming wedding. On the other hand, reactions from Korean EXO-Ls were mixed, some fans defended Chen and stood by his side while others bashed him and blamed him for harming EXO’s image with his huge announcement. There were also many fans who didn’t like that not once he apologized in his letter to fans. Many fans are convinced he’s getting married because she’s pregnant and are calling it a shotgun wedding.

The difference in reactions between the international part and the national part boils down to how the fandom culture differs. International fans are known for being generally chiller and accepting of idols dating news, on the other hand, Korean fandoms mentality differs, many believe the idol should focus on working hard and if he/she is dating, he/she must not get caught.

Following the happy news, many of Chen fansites shut down completely or took a hiatus. Some fansites relayed painful goodbyes following the news; some of them were as old as 8 years old starting from the moment EXO debuted.

One twitter account has been updating fans adding to the list of growing fansites that keep shutting down through twitter. And the number is growing. There are also some fansites that went private on twitter. Fans also reported that accounts dedicate to making gifs for Chen are closing down as well.

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The below tweet keeps adding accounts to the thread, its not only 15:

While some EXO-Ls are understanding of the situations, some weren’t so kind and are calling them not true fans for turning their backs on Chen as soon as he announced his marriage news.

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