JYP Reveals They’ll Be Requesting A Reinvestigation Into The Bullying Accusations Against ITZY Lia + Explain The Situation

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JYP Entertainment has announced their plans to request a reinvestigation into the case against the individual who accused ITZY’s Lia of school violence.

The netizen who accused ITZY Lia of being a perpetrator of school violence has been cleared of the defamation charges pressed against them by JYP a couple of days ago.

Back in February at the height of the school bullying news, a netizen [referred to as a ‘A’] accused Lia of borrowing money without returning it and speaking badly of her in front of other students and making her and her and another classmate outcasts for no reason.

At the time, JYP denied the accusations and stated they had been suing A for defamation the year before and that investigations were ongoing.

On June 13, Incheon Yeonsu Police Station revealed that A was cleared of her defamation charges explaining that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the claims made in the post were false.

On June 15, JYP released a lengthy statement to explain that they’re requesting a reinvestigation into the case against A. In their statement, they explain the police has stated that despite not finding enough evidence to prove it was false, it is not an acknowledgment that the posts were true.

Through their statement they revealed a snapshot of a handful of the hate comments posted against ITZY’s Lia and stated that they weren’t filing a lawsuit against a victim of school violence, but a suit against posts and comments that we determined to be malicious.

They added,

“The above posts, which had been posted to community websites for more than two years since 2018. It was impossible for us to know who was posting them nor were they specifically complaints about school violence.

Based on fan reports and monitoring posts, the company operates a system that regularly takes legal action against malicious posts, and we took legal action regarding the above posts in December 2020.

2. During the police investigation, we found that four of the five posts above were written by the same person changing their nicknames, and the other one was written by another person.

But while police were investigating the case, in February another Internet community posted a message saying that the author of the post was under police investigation. The writer complained that they and their acquaintance had been subjected to school violence. However, soon a person who appeared to be the writer of the above posts posted a message on the same Internet community saying that they didn’t consider the situation in question to be school violence and thought it wasn’t a big deal.

After that, the original post writer repeatedly uploaded posts before deleting them.

After the legal representative made a complaint and took legal action on behalf of Lia, the police decided not to send the two writers case to the prosecution. However, the police said in interviews with the media that there was no evidence that the contents of the post could be considered false, not that the contents of the post were true. In other words, the decision to not forward the case to the prosecution does not mean that Lia has committed school violence.”

They ended their statement announcing the company’s decision to file an appeal and request a reinvestigation into the charges of defamation of character, they’re doing this because they want the truth to be revealed through a ‘deeper investigation.’

They wrapped up with,

“We’re doing this because we believe while it is unacceptable there are victims who unfairly suffer from school violence, it is also unacceptable for there to be victims who suffer from false accusations and distorted claims.”

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