Netizen Who Accused ITZY Lia Of School Bullying Gets Cleared Of Defamation Charges, JYP Issues A Response

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The netizen who accused ITZY Lia of being a perpetrator of school violence has been cleared of the defamation charges pressed against them by JYP.

Back in February at the height of the school bullying news, a netizen [referred to as a ‘A’] accused Lia of borrowing money without returning it and speaking badly of her in front of other students and making her and her and another classmate outcasts for no reason.

At the time, JYP denied the accusations and stated they had been suing A for defamation the year before and that investigations were ongoing.

On June 13, Incheon Yeonsu Police Station revealed that A was cleared of her defamation charges. But why?

According to the police, after investigating A, the police found that the post was an expression of the things A experienced, rather than an attempt to slander Lia, and there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the claims in the post were false. According to the police, the suspicions of defamation were judged to be ‘invalid.’

A said in a phone call with Yonhap News, “when I think about those days, I still have a hard time mentally. I am hoping for a sincere apology.”

JYP had also responded to the news sharing their surprise, they stated they were still in the process of figuring out the progress of the situation, adding,

“It is difficult to accept the outcome as it is. We will issue a response once the situation has been figured out more thoroughly.”

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  1. I love that SK takes bullying very seriously and that cases go to court…but I dont think it should affect someone’s career years later when they’re an adult. If she continues to do it as an adult, then she deserves to be blacklisted within the industry. This does not seem to be the case, though. Maybe we will find out more soon.

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