“Parasyte: The Grey” Ending Explained- Finale And Episode 6 Recap

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Netflix released “Parasyte: The Grey” episodes earlier today, let us go through the finale and explain the ending!

“Parasyte: The Grey” episode 6 recap

The episode begins with a flashback to when police officer Won-Seok had a discussion with his peers after playing golf, and the topic of his inability to get a promotion comes up. The group then brings up the pastor whose wife seemed anxious, they have not been seen in a while, so he says he’ll go check up on him.

When police officer Won-Seok checks up on the pastor, he finds him a parasite, but he makes him an offer and tells him he wants to be the head of an organization and he must help him or else he’ll kill him, this is how they came to collaborate and how officer Won-Seok betrayed everyone.

Meanwhile, the police reveal Su In and Kyung-Hee’s identities and ask for the public’s help.

Choi Jun-Kyung tries to corner Chul-Min whom she suspects of being a parasite bringing up how he ratted out Su In despite trying to protect her in the past, he can now tell she’s onto him.

Kyung-Hee asks for Heide to meet up and discuss with her. She wants to kill the head parasite but can’t do so alone so she asks for her help, she agrees. Kyung-Hee feels she’s been betrayed by him and wants his head since he killed all their peers.

At the time of their discussion, Kang-Woo tries to kill Kyung-Hee but fails, however, they still decide to join hands and stop the head parasite from invading an important organization.

Captain Choi Jun-Kyung is contacted by a specialist who says the knife cut on her husband could’ve been manipulated to indicate it might be a parasite but its not, she tells him to keep it under wraps for now.

She’s then informed by her superior that a tip-off came and they must vacate the town for another one. She leaves against her will.

Heide calls Captain Choi and tells her the head parasite wants to inhabit the mayor of the city, so she turns around the vehicle to go back to stop it from happening.

At night, the festival that the mayor attends is being held as usual, but Kang-Woo is there to keep watch and the girls are in the vehicle far away. Then Chul-Min begins attacking the mayor to make sure Won-Seok pretends to save him so he can inhabit the mayor’s body. The team is alerted so Heide and Kyung-Hee enter while Captain Choi arrives at the scene.

Captain Choi tries to arrest Heide but fails as she escapes. When the police tackle Chul-Min and kill him they find his head is missing.  Won-Seok escorts the mayor to a different location and as the host tries to overtake his body, Kyung-Hee shows up to kill him, as she tackles the parasite, she protects Kang-Woo and the mayor and apologizes to Kang-Woo who can sense something bad will happen, she then is killed by the parasite.

The parasite then inhabits Won-Seok’s body since Kyung-Hee gave her brother enough time to escape.

Heide and Won-Seok begin to fight inside the museum as he preaches about how humans are also bad but efficient and how they should join hands, she disagrees with him and continues to fight him.

Captain Choi then shows up at the scene and points the gun at Heide, Won-Seok tells her to shoot Heide but she doesn’t, she instead shoots him and Heide takes care of the parasite that was out of the body trying to kill Choi Jun-Kyung.

Captain Choi talks to Heide who says despite her miserable upbringing, Su In still trusts humans so she also wants to try and trust humans too. She asks for her to take care of Su In. Kang-Woo shows up just as Heide faints.

A while later

Su In now works at a convenience store. Kang-Woo comes to meet her, she’s doing well. He says he’s joined an organization and he’s now part of Choi Jun-Kyung’s team. He then says Heide wrote her a letter, he reads the letter to her and how she’s glad she’s the host she came across, and how she still hasn’t come to an answer about their kind and what they should do. Then, he asks her to read the rest of the letter which has this line, ‘whether you like it or not, you’re not alone.’

Kang-Woo lets her know that captain Choi still has a spot for her on the team and she come if she wants to.

Meanwhile, captain choi is told a Japanese investigative journalist has come to see her, he’s an expert of sorts and he needs to tell her something. She meets Shinichi Izumi and he extends his hand for a handshake. This scene is a homage to the original Japanese Manga this series is based on. Shinichi Izumi is the original heroin of the manga series.

The end.

“Parasyte: The Grey” ending explained- FAQ

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“Parasyte: The Grey” ending thoughts

This was nice. I need a bit more time to organize my thoughts but I really like the idea of the drama. The original manga is very popular, so I did some reading and I really like the main theme the screenwriter was going for.

I tend to agree with the Japanese version of the manga instead, in the sense that for such a topic, a movie is a bit more suitable. This does not mean this drama was bad, but also, the drama does not do the best job creating enough of a humane feel despite its efforts. As in, to me personally, the drama felt, at times, a bit hallow on the emotional side. Such a concept needs a more thorough exploration but it might also become a bit tedious to adapt into an interesting drama plot at the same time without complicating the plot and bloating the budget, if you understand what I mean.

I understand what they were aiming for, in the sense that us humans are not that different from parasites, but I wished I had connected a bit more to the characters in the drama. Su In is cute and all, but I didn’t particularly end up feeling that emotionally attached to her, is what I am trying to say.

 regardless, this was a good project. full review coming soon.

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