JTBC Unveils Heart-Fluttering Photos Of Lee Junho And YoonA From Upcoming Drama “King The Land”

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 Lee Junho and YoonA who will meet at the VVIP lounge “King The Land,” shared a special Valentine’s Day gift for fans who are waiting for the drama.

JTBC’s new drama “King The Land,” is a romantic comedy-drama that takes place at a Hotel, it tells the story of the heir of a chaebol group who can’t stand a fake smile and a woman who always has to smile even if she doesn’t want to and how they create a time when hoteliers can laugh really brightly at VVIP Business Lounge ‘King the Land.’

2PM’s Lee Junho plays the role of Goo Won, who has natural grace, charisma, a clear mind, and chic charm and has been thrown into the King Group’s inheritance war, this company manages hotels, airlines, and more. Despite getting caught in this battle, he has the charms and brains to handle it, however, he’s uneducated when it comes to love. Having everything but no memory of his mother, who suddenly disappeared, he encounters a female employee who has the opposite personality from him at the King Hotel, where he enters to find answers.

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA plays the role of a hotelier named Cheon Sa Rang, a woman who had a very rough childhood but manages to go against all odds by landing a job at the King’s Hotel, the place where she experienced her happiest memories. She has been working at the lobby information desk with a beautiful smile and perfect service that brings customer satisfaction. She has always wanted to become a hotelier who provides happiness to people, Goo Won, the hotel heir appears, and trouble begins to interrupt her simple dreams.

The released photo shows two people standing side by side under the trees with green vitality. The combination of Goo Won with a light smile around the mouth and the cool smile of Cheon Sa Rang with a cute hand heart makes viewers’ hearts warm.

On the other hand, their styling is also contrasting, which catches attention. Goo Won is showing off the charisma of a second-generation conglomerate in a dark-toned suit while Sa Rang is showing off her lovely charm with a bright outfit. As a result, the story of Goo Won and Sa Rang is expected to provide a romance softer than white chocolate and dark chocolate.

As such, the romance between Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang, which reminds of a movie just by looking at them, will shine more with the fantastic harmony of actors Lee Joonho and YoonA. Therefore, in line with its reputation as a VVIP lounge that provides the best smile and the best customer satisfaction, expectations about the opening of “King The Land,” which will present the sweetest time of 2023 with the combination of Lee Joonho and YoonA’s acting are high.

“King The Land” is currently filming with the aim of premiering in the first half of 2023 via JTBC.

Are you excited to see them together in this drama?

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