“The World Of The Married”- Get To Know The Cast Behind The Biggest Korean Cable Drama

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“The World Of The Married” is one of the most talked-about kdramas of 2020, it has continuously done better with each episode and recently made Korean TV history becoming the highest-rated cable TV drama of all time surpassing the record set and held by “SKY Castle” in 2019.

Naturally, “The World Of The Married” cast has been getting a lot of attention, and today we’re here to explore facts about the cast of the hit drama.

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Park Hae Joon is a late-bloomer in showbiz


Park Hae Joon is considered a somewhat new face to the entertainment industry. He started acting really late opposed to the majority of the cast on the set of “The World Of The Married.”

Park Hae Joon began his acting career in 2012 doing minor roles; he was 36 years old at the time. He got his big break in 2015’s hit tvN drama “Misaeng” which led to his casting in the 2015 film “Fourth Place.”

Since then he’s played many significant supporting roles in hit dramas and his role in “The World Of The Married” marks the first time he was cast as the main lead in a drama role.

Kim Hee Ae is no stranger to adulteress-themed dramas


Kim Hee Ae has been named the top actress in the list of stars who hit the jackpot portraying the role of an adulterer on television.

She hit the jackpot playing the role of the mistress in the 2007 drama “My Husband’s Woman.” In 2012’s “Secret Love Affair,” she also portrayed the role of a married woman who cheats on her husband with the rising talent pianist played by Yoo Ah In. Seems like kdrama-karma is biting her back in “The World Of The Married.”

Kim Hee Ae is a huge BTS fan


A couple of years ago while doing a radio show as a guest, Kim Hee Ae requested BTS “Fake Love” because she likes it.

She also praised the boys in a later interview saying that she’s very proud of them as they were her sons; she says their mothers must be so proud of them. She also wished they will continue to succeed.

Kim Hee Ae praised Han So Hee’s beauty calling it ‘heavenly’


Kim Hee Ae brought up Han So Hee in a recent press conference for “The World Of The Married,” she had nothing but nice words to say about her, she called her the one in ‘charge of the beauty in the drama,’ but she didn’t stop there, she praised her beauty saying,

“Han So Hee has the kind of beauty that be compared to the heavens. She is also very passionate, and already a seasoned actress.”

Kim Hee Ae says she looks forward to Han So Hee’s future growth,

“I can’t even imagine what kind of actress she’ll become when she’s my age. She works hard and both her body and face are perfection.”

Han So Hee struggled a lot financially before making it big


Rising Actress Han So Hee has been the center of attention after JTBC’s aired “World Of The Married.”

Unknown to the majority, Han So Hee struggled quite a bit before making it big. She appeared in SHINee’s music video for “Tell Me What To Do,” a while ago since then she also appeared in dramas such as ‘Reunited Worlds’, ‘Money Flower’ and ‘100 Days My Prince.”

A particular post from her 2018 blog gained attention and has been trending news in South Korea. She revealed that she struggled a lot before making it big. She abruptly transition from majoring art into acting and moved all the way alone from Ulsan to Seoul to pursue her dream.

She worked as a model for many brands such as contact lens, makeup and mobile company. She revealed that she came to Seoul with 300 won in her pocket (~$243) when she was 20 years old, she revealed,

“Every morning when I opened my eyes, I went to work at a beer hall in Gangnam until the sun rose the next day.

If I hadn’t endured those years, I wouldn’t have become who I am today.”

Lee Kyung Young has a shocking criminal past


Actor Lee Kyung Young is a known face for international fans; he’s been in many hit dramas across the years and recently appeared in “Vagabond” and “Hyena” which were both hit dramas.

Back in 2002, Lee Kyung Young was arrested and tried in court for prostitution of a minor. The trial public records revealed that he “manipulated and exploited” an underage aspiring actress “L” into having sex with him in exchange for securing a role in one of his future movies.

At first, reports suggested that Lee Kyung Young had no idea about the actress being underage, however, later, other reports stated otherwise. The court ruled Lee Kyung Young innocent for the first of three occasions but guilty of prostitution for the two of the three occasions.

As a result, he was given a suspended sentence to 10 months of prison with 2 years of probation, in addition to 160 hours of community service.

Due to the scale of his crime, he was blacklisted by MBC and other major broadcasting channels; he couldn’t appear in any of their dramas until very recently.

For nearly 10 years, Lee Kyung Young disappeared from the public eyes due to the severe backlash; he only returned in 2011, he began slowly returning to filming movies and dramas.

Han So Hee recently received backlash because of her past ‘troublesome’ photos


Old photos of Han So Hee began to surface online following her rise to fame. At first, she gained attention for being pretty in those photos but soon many began criticizing her. The photos are of the actress smoking, apparently, she also had tattoos in her arms.

Some netizens criticized Han So Hee’s actions and shamed her for smoking and for getting tattoos; they called the photos ‘shocking’ and called her ‘a tryhard.’

Soon, other netizens jumped to her defense calling out those negative commenters for being sexist and highlighting how the Korean society has double standards, while male actors are called cool if they have tattoos or smoke, female actors are often shamed.

Han So Hee has reportedly removed those tattoos after she began dreaming of becoming an actress.

Kim Hee Ae is only seven years younger than Lee Kyung Young


While the two actors portray adults in different stages of their lives in “The World Of The Married,” in real life they’re not that different from each other.

Kim Hee Ae was born in 1967 while Lee Kyung Young was born in 1960; this makes him only 7 years older than Kim Hee Ae.

While the age of their characters is not specified in “The World Of The Married,” Kim Hee Ae is certainly playing a younger character role, in reality, she has turned 53 year sold recently.

Park Hae Joon personally apologized to viewers of “The World Of The Married”


In a recent online press conference, Park Hae Joon began it by apologizing to the viewers since his character has evoked a lot of criticism online. He said,

“I’m sorry for causing concern. The drama is still on air, and I’m also curious about what will happen towards the end. I’m still in disbelief about the popularity of the drama. Many people are enjoying it, and I’ve been getting lots of congratulatory phone calls. But I’m not sure what they’re congratulating me on. I’m getting a lot of criticism.”

Park Hae Joon was too afraid to read comments about his character in “The World Of The Married”


Park Hae Joon not only apologized to viewers for the actions of his fictional character but he also admitted that he actively avoided reading comments following the premiere of “The World Of The Married,”

He explained his decision by saying,

“I’m sorry to say this, but I didn’t read the comments after the first episode aired.

I thought that the comments might shake me up and decided that it would be better not to read them after episodes one and two were aired. I thought that it would be better to think more about scenes I need to film in the future and to stay away from comments.

There are times when I can’t help but read them or people send them to me, but I quickly forget about it by closing my ears and doing 50 squats.”

Lee Hak Joo already has another drama coming up


Lee Hak Joo is another rising talent, he gained a lot of attention playing the stalker in “The World Of The Married,” and lucky for his fans, he’s set to come back with a new drama soon.

His upcoming drama “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” which also stars Jung Il Woo will air its first episode on May 25.

So what did you think of these facts? Did any of them shock you?

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