Han So Hee Bombarded With Hate Comments (Especially From Indonesian Fans) For Her Realistic Portrayal Of The Mistress In “The World Of The Married”


Han So Hee is receiving hate not for doing anything bad but for doing her job well!

“The World Of The Married” is one of the hottest and most talked about kdramas currently airing, the drama is very tense and tackles serious topics such as cheating and mental illness. “The World Of The Married” fever has spread to many SEA countries including Indonesia where it actually ended up causing issues for Han So Hee.

Han So Hee’s instagram followers have gone up since the drama began airing; also, the comments on her posts are now a lot more. It turns out that she’s being bashed by SEA fans, especially Indonesian for her realistic portrayal of the mistress in the drama. Some of their comments have been translated to Korean and English, they left comments such as ‘why are you taking away Ji Sun Woo’s husband?’ ‘do you know it’s your fault,’ you’re cheater,’ and worse.

Other Indonesian fans apologized on the behalf of them writing comments in Korean and English; they left comments such as,

“On behalf of Indonesian fans, I apologize for the rude malicious comments,”

“We love your acting,”

‘We’ll always support you,”

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Here are some more comments:


and more.


The issue became so big that it was covered by Korean news outlets and officials from the drama ended up commenting on this issue stating that the passionate fans must’ve fell for it too much and are thus arguing like this on her SNS account. SEA countries are one of the biggest exporters of hallyu content and although “The World Of The Married” hasn’t been officially exported there, its still a popular drama.

Hopefully, they realize that the actress is only doing her job.

What are your thoughts on this?

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