“The World Of The Married” Has Officially Surpassed “Sky Castle” For The Title Of The Highest-rated Drama In Korean Cable TV History


It has finally happened y’all!

On May 2, “The World Of The Married” aired its 12th episode to great reception from netizens. The shocking episode has officially become the highest rated episode in Korean cable TV history.

The immensely popular JTBC drama has been enjoyed great ratings with each episode; every episode has successfully surpassed its precedent scoring higher ratings. Two weeks ago, “The World Of The Married” reached the 20% in ratings becoming the second cable drama in history to ever do this joining “SKY Castle.”

According to Nielsen Korea, “The World Of The Married” 12th episode has scored an average of 24.3% nationwide and 26.7% in Seoul making it officially the highest rated episode of the series so far and the highest-rated drama in cable TV history.

“SKY Castle” has reigned as the most-watched cable drama in Korean TV history with an average of 23.77% (nationwide) that it reached with its final episode (episode 20). However, “The World Of The Married” surpass “SKY Castle” ratings with its 12th episode and it still has 4 more to go. Fans are excited to see how further it can go.

Getting past the 10% in ratings in South Korea has become very hard these days, surpassing the 20% mark is an even more difficult feat and to have a cable drama surpass that is astonishing.

Have you seen the most recent episode of “The World Of The Married”?

My Personal Thoughts

I just watched the 12the episode and I am fuming. I can’t even. This drama is infuriating but also very addicting.

“The World Of The Married” deserves its success, everything about this drama is amazing, from the writing to the producing and acting, there isn’t an area I can criticize or complain about.

Some people might not like such dramas because they’re intense and about divorce, that’s okay but to those who enjoy such content, this is an amazing drama.

It’s overly dramatic and a mixture of events that happen and events that can never happen in real life, but its written so damn well and it’s consistently keeping me on the edge of my seat. There is no dull moment in “The World Of The Married” and I really like that.

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