Park Hyung Sik And Jeon So Nee Upcoming Drama Releases Character Posters

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The character posters for Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee’s “Youth Moon” have been released.

The production team of tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth Moon”, written by Jeong Hyeon Jeong, and directed by Lee Jong Jae, released character posters of actors including Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee.

“Youth Moon” is a youth redemption romance that tells the story of a crown prince who is under a mysterious curse and a genius girl who is pointed out as the culprit of a family murder case.

The character posters introduce each story given to six young people who will work together toward the same goal.

First, the appearance of Crown Prince Lee Hwan (played by Park Hyung Sik) draws attention. While boasting the dignity of a crown prince with Gonryongpo and Ikseongwan, his eyes are wet with melancholy, making us more curious about the reality of the unknown curse that worries Lee Hwan.

In the straight gaze of Min Jae Yi (Played by Jeon So Nee), a genius girl who pursues the truth while being framed for the murder of her relative, you can see an upright spirit that will not be easily broken by any difficulties. She leaves us wondering if she will be able to prove her own innocence.

Min Jae Yi, who became a murderer overnight, also has a helper. Jang Ga Ram (played by Pyo Ye Jin), is Min Jae-yi’s one and only friend and reliable partner in the investigation. She plans to spur her pursuit of the truth by sharing a friendship that transcends her status with Min Jae Yi.

Min Jae Yi’s fiancée and Lee Hwan’s friend Han Seong On (Yoon Jong Seok) must also be embarrassed by the murder charge given to her. The phrase ‘A descendant of a prestigious family who had everything but lost his lover’ represents his unfortunate situation in which even the fate of his fiancé who is on the run is unknown.

Kim Myeong Jin (Lee Tae Seon), the best geek in Joseon who studies everything in the world, causes laughter with his humorous expression. In particular, Kim Myeong Jin predicts the birth of a unique relationship with Min Jae-yi’s helper, Jang Ga-ram, and increases curiosity about the harmony between the two.

Lastly, Choi Tae Gang (Heo Won Seo), an escort guard who stands by the crown prince like a shadow, shows off his dignified appearance. Firmly closed lips and strong eyes show loyalty to Lee Hwan, making him look forward to his performance to protect his master in any difficulties.

“Youth Moon” will premiere on February 6th 2023.


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