Lee Joon Hyuk Confirmed To Lead Spin-Off Of tvN’s Hit Drama “Stranger”

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tvN’s hit drama “Stranger” will return this time with Lee Joon Hyuk as the main character.

According to a report by Star-News on February 9, the tvN drama “Stranger” recently confirmed the production of the spin-off, which is the third season, and decided to present the spin-off story with Lee Joon Hyuk as the main character. The title is “Good or Bad Dong Jae.” Later, a source from his agency told news outlets he’s set to lead the spin-off which will be penned by its original creator.

“Stranger” is a drama about the story of lonely prosecutor Hwang Si Mok (played by Cho Seung Woo) and activist detective Han Yeo Jin (played by Bae Doona) tracking the truth of the hidden cases. Season 1 of “Stranger” in 2017 debuted with 16 episodes and was greatly praised as a “well-made drama.” Thanks to this, it returned with another season in 2020 which was also broadcast in 16 episodes, ending with the highest viewer rating of 9.4%.

Lee Joon Hyuk played the role of prosecutor Seo Dong Jae, who was at odds with Cho Seung Woo in “Stranger,” playing a three-dimensional role that was too hateful to be seen as a good character and miserable to be a villain. As a result, Seo Dong Jae was called “Human Bat,” and “Cheeky Jae” in season 1, and was called “Our Dong Jae” in season 2, impressing viewers with his presence like a “golden child.”

A few years after the end of the show, “Stranger” is still considered by many to be a well-made drama and the production team has begun to unfold the story centered on Seo Dong Jae in earnest. Expectations are high on how Lee Joon Hyuk will lead the drama as a different main character from Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doona.

“Good Or Bad Dong Jae” is currently in the middle of casting process and is scheduled to start filming in May.

Are you excited to see his character’s story in this new spin-off?

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