SM Entertainment CEO Addresses Irene’s Controversy + Says Red Velvet Is Coming Back Soon


SM Entertainment CEO shared a lot of interesting things at the global start-up festival “COMEUP 2020.”

On November 21, SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Soo gave a keynote speech at the global start-up festival “COMEUP 2020.” He talked about many things including the concept behind aespa and how it connects to their other groups, one of the things he said gained a lot of attention and it has to do with Red Velvet’s upcoming activities.

At one point during his speech, he addressed the group’s future giving fans hope they’d see the group comeback soon, he said,

“There was some controversy recently, but we have sincerely apologized for that, and Red Velvet will be coming back soon with a more mature image, so please give us a lot of support and attention.”

The CEO is referring to the recent controversy that occurred last month when Irene was called out for yelling at a stylist and throwing a temper tantrum. Both Irene and SM ended up issuing apology statements for the incident with the stylist also making one final comment on the matter putting it to rest.

The members took some time off after the controversy and only recently resumed their social media activities. Wendy has been taking a break due to an injury she suffered about a year ago ahead of a performance. Fans can’t wait to see the group back together performing as one once again, Red Velvet has been promoting without Wendy as she focuses on recovery, she returned to promotions not too long ago.

Are you excited for Red Velvet’s comeback?


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