Stylist Who Exposed Red Velvet Irene Releases Final Statement After Receiving An Apology


The editor-stylist who exposed Red Velvet Irene’s behavior towards them has released another statement. In their statement, they clarify some of the details and ask fans to stop posting speculative comments about the situation.

The post was written to her instagram stories on October 23, in the statement; she referred to Irene as “C” and SM Entertainment as “B Company.”

“I’ve been already hurt and this wound will never be forgotten. However, I wanted to receive a direct apology from C (Irene) to protect my dignity as a human being, and I met C with the managers of Company B (SM Entertainment). It took some coordination and time for yesterday’s meeting to take place.

The reason I haven’t been doing anything since I first posted is because I had to make reasonable and wise decisions every moment to prepare for this situation. The biggest reason is that I didn’t want to create a bigger misunderstanding, and I didn’t want to add fire to the rampant speculation and turbulence.

Immediately after that incident, I thought there was no reason to act rashly because the B company officials who hired me and the managers at the scene recognized the situation and apologized for her wrongdoings.

I’ve never been a stylist for C’s group, and I’m a person who has been commissioned to style the filming schedule one day on Tuesday, October 20th as ‘outsourcing’. (The first request for this schedule was October 5th, and I worked at the request of Company B and the group to which C belong for 15 days after receiving the official content mail on October 6th.)

The reason why I said ‘first time I met’ is because I didn’t remember that C had done a magazine shoot with me in 2016 (also confirmed that yesterday), and because the problematic behavior was not done just to me, but one of the other editors and one assistant who helped me with my schedule that day.

For that reason, two more people accompanied me to the place where I received the apology yesterday, and talked with the people in charge of B company and C, and each received an apology from C.

I thought there was no need to respond to the reckless comments from C fans from the beginning. The same is true of the idea now. The reason I haven’t taken any action so far is because the fundamental goal and purpose of my will from the moment I first thought I had to get this straightened out, was to get a promise not to do that to anyone else in the future, and to meet me and two of my team members that day. I stopped everything yesterday when I received an official apology because I achieved my goal.

There’s no such thing as a financial settlement like some of the stories have been speculated and imagined. (Only the processing of the pay and progress costs for the one-day schedule that I worked on for October 20 remains.) And the word “agreement” didn’t even come up yesterday. It was not a meeting to reach an agreement, but a meeting to apologize.

I had to protect myself to the end. Since there is no reason to be attacked indiscriminately by senseless people, I asked B company and C for an official apology, including an acknowledgement of wrongdoing, an apology, and a promise not to do such a thing in the future, so that there is no further misunderstanding. This will also be the last time I express my position on this situation.

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She added,

I’m one person. I have upheld to my career ethics and have been doing my best to whatever job I have been given. I live by making mistakes, and I’m a bad person to someone, and I’m a good person to others. It would be the same for Mr. C. But I can’t conclude this as my personal matter. For me and my colleagues who have had the same experience as I have, I acted this way for the sake of recovery from defamation and protection of dignity for myself and my colleagues.

I will try to overcome this wound somehow and return to my place in the future. And I’m not going to react or act on this any further. It’s not for me, but for C, who came to the meeting yesterday. So if you’re a true fan of C, don’t cross the line anymore. Those articles won’t hurt me at all and will not affect C in a positive way.

Lastly, I’ve expected a certain amount of rumors about invasion of my privacy and stirring up rumors for dramatic media play, and although I likely can’t do anything to stop that, it would be great if you stopped now. I am also preparing something regarding this.

The post has gotten longer. From my point of view, I had no choice but to write this. I personally deeply apologize to B company officials for creating tiring work.  

Lastly, I would like to ask those who are reading this, Please stop writing speculative rumors and articles that will end up hurting everyone even more. Thank you.”

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  1. As someone who has gone through public humiliation too many times by a wide range of people, I’m deeply mad at the stylist’s attitude.

    Because in each of those times, I would get red, wish to melt and dissapear, look at the floor, try to hold back the tears, think of going back home to lock myself in my bedroom and hide my face in the pillow but never, never would think about revenge. Heck, in each of those times I’d be too busy trying to hide myself to even think anything else. Some of those experiences still hurt to this day, but I’ve never ever thought about revenge.

    So how could this lady, supposedly going through the biggest humiliation of her 15 years of career, even think about recordering? That’s not how someone hurt thinks. That’s not how someone who is being hurt right at the moment thinks.

    I’m mad at two things in this. First, as I said, it’s the attitude of someone ‘hurt’ who thinks of initiating a witch hunt against Red Velvet’s Irene instead of reaching out for an apology of Bae Joohyun.

    Secondly, the media play. Her constant allegations to it being part of Irene’s personality, even in her last statement, when she has only met het twice? Many people came to her defense, having worked with her for at least a year. Even those who didn’t know her well came out too, saying they’ve never had any kind of similar experience with her. And the way she added #psycho and #monster, targetting the whole group… if you were hurt by Bae Joohyun, why would you even think of going for Wendy, Joy, Yeri, or even Seulgi? She targetted her status as a celebrity to damage Irene’s rep, Red Velvet’s Irene reputation. She didn’t care about an apology in first place. She only cared of posting it on sns.

    I’m not speaking out of pure love for Irene. I’m speaking as a person who’s been hurt, and it enormously puts me off how the stylist’s attitude doesn’t correspond to the way she says she felt.
    I’m also speaking as someone who hates media play. Stylist thought of going straight for showbiz and even in her last statement cements the idea of Bae Joohyun being a bully. I can’t help but notice the main goal was damaging a celebrity’s reputation, not getting an apology.


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