International EXO Fans Fight Back, Refuse To Give Up On Chen And Trend Hashtags To Show Support Amidst Korean Fans Boycott

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International EXO Fans refuse to go down without a fight against Korean EXO-Ls and their recent demands.

Chen announced he was getting married and was expecting a baby with his fiancé, the news was met positively by international fans but not kindly by Korean fans, who proceeded to bash Chen for getting married and having a child.

As previously covered on jazminemedia, various EXO fan unions have petitioned to SM to remove Chen from EXO following his dating news. It started with fansites closing one after the other, over 28 fansites closed down since Chen announcement.

A large EXO fan union posted a lengthy note on January 16 demanding SM to kick out Chen from EXO because of various reasons. Many news outlets have covered the issue and the contrast of reactions between national and international fans.

Since international EXO-Ls found out about the news, they have mostly shown support. When the fandom saw that the Korean side has been trending hashtags and making demands to kick out Chen from EXO, they fought back by trending their own hashtags.

Throughout the past couple of days, EXO-Ls trended various hashtags from #AlwaysWithEXO, #종대야_여기_있을게 (Jongdae We Will Be Here For You) and #SM_김종대_지켜 (SM Protect Kim Jongdae) and many others.

Last night, the hashtag #KEXOL_DONT_REPRESENT_ME topped worldwide twitter trends as international EXO-Ls voices grew louder, they want to distance themselves from those who continue to demand Chen be kicked out.

As of this writing, many international EXO-L accounts are planning new hashtags, in English and Korean to demand SM take legal action against false malicious rumors, they want SM to protect Chen from the unjust hate he’s been getting.

Here are some of their tweets from the #KEXOL_DONT_REPRESENT_ME:

What do you think of this situation?

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