It seems that many Korean EXO-Ls are not exactly all that happy about EXO Chen marriage and baby news.

The news was released a couple of days ago and it caused a huge commotion because it literally came out of nowhere to fans and spectators alike, Chen had never once confirmed he was dating or ever was publicly involved in dating rumors so the news was a huge shock to the fandom.

Most international EXO-Ls reacted with maturity to the news, many wishing Chen the best trending various hashtags to echo their sentiment, on the other hand, twitter Korea trending hashtags were something entirely different.

At first, the reaction of Korean EXO-Ls was relatively mixed, however, as more articles came out and some sasaengs actually revealing information about his alleged wife and how long they’ve been dating, the situation kept escalating into a bad one as many Korean EXO-Ls expressed how they felt ‘betrayed’ by him. Other EXO-Ls who weren’t outwardly biased towards Chen were also upset because his announcement caused harm to other EXO members who had nothing to do with it.

EXO Suho was the first member to be publicly seen after the marriage announcement at his musical press conference; he was visibly nervous and couldn’t even look the press straight in the eyes. This drew even more criticism towards Chen.

Note: what we’re about to talk about doesn’t represent what EVERY Korean EXO-L thinks but these negative messages asking him to leave have been gaining more momentum so we’re covering the news and discussing why some want him to leave. Also, this doesn’t represent what we at believe in, we’re merely sharing how the korean side reacted to the news.

Chen is a part of one of the biggest boy groups that are currently promoting, aside from the marriage news, the baby news shocked many Korean EXO-Ls because they didn’t think Chen would do this at such a point in his career.

He has a successful solo career and is well-loved by the public. Generally speaking, idols are marketed as ‘boyfriend’ material by Kpop companies; idols promote that ‘boyfriend’ image to the public, fans spend thousands of dollars on their favorite idols on various projects from birthdays to drama shootings and so much more. Being a dedicated fan in South Korea is not cheap. With that mentality comes the sense of entitlement that many fans feel towards their idols.

Idols are also viewed as objects of admiration and perfection, and a pregnancy and marriage announcement goes against the foundation of how the ‘idol-image’ is promoted. Not to mention, other k-netizens who might not be fans of the group will develop what Korean EXO-Ls believe to be ‘a negative’ opinion of EXO as a result.

It’s a chain reaction and the more Korean EXO-Ls began expressing their sadness, the more others began using the opportunity to ‘expose’ his fiancé. It turns out that some EXO-Ls were allegedly already aware of Chen’s relationship and some had even known about his fiancé alleged Instagram account. Some believe she used to share a lot of posts ‘alluding’ to her relationship with Chen.

Of course, the sentence above is not confirmed news, it’s merely speculations and fans spreading information shared by other fans, but the more time passes by the more details about his alleged fiancé are being revealed. SM’s silence during this time is definitely not helping.

On Naver, ‘Chen out’ was the top trending keyword last night as well as other keywords relating to Chen’s marriage news. Some Korean EXO-Ls have been spreading a picture asking Chen to leave on the app where he revealed his dating news. Over 28 fansites have closed down and there is reportedly only one fansite left standing.

An EXO fan gallery has also released a post requesting Chen withdrawal from the group; they want Chen out from EXO and have announced their plans to boycott Chen’s activities starting January 13, they’re also requesting a quick response from SM. The post ended with the hashtag CHEN_Out.

Others have also joined in as well to demand his exit promising to boycott EXO promotions if he stays a part of EXO. SM hasn’t released but two statements on Chen marriage news, one confirming it and the other one denying he got married on January 13.

Many are on the lookout to how SM and Chen plan on addressing those fans.

UPDATE [January 16]

A big fan union ‘EXO-L ACE’ has taken to Daum Café to publish a lengthy statement about their wishes to kick out EXO Chen from the group and its making headlines everywhere.

On January 16, a fan union which is considered one of the big Korean EXO unions took to Daum Café to release an official statement, they demanded that Chen be kicked out of the group and explained why they believe he’s harming EXO’s image and causing issues among the fandom.

They also asked SM to manage the portal sites and protect EXO, and gave SM until January 18 to issue a response or else they’d be planning offline protests; SM has little time to give feedback to them.

You can read the translated post below:

SM has not issued a response. Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think of some Korean EXO-Ls demands?