Why This Rapper Begged ARMY To Stop Harassing And Dragging Him Into BTS Jungkook Dating Scandal

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Rapper Hashswan was wrongly attacked by some ARMY because of BTS Jungkook dating news!

On September 17 early hours, a photo of a male who looks like Jungkook hugging a female from the back was leaked online. Because of the striking similarities, many starting pointing out that it was Jungkook. However, some believed it was rather rapper Hashswan who also has a similar hairstyle.

Due to the overwhelming amount of attention and rumors, Hashswan ended up responding with an instastory denying that the man in the picture was him.

“This isn’t me. I am saying this because many people are asking.”

He later deleted the photo, after ARMY told him that he was being dragged and ridiculed on twitter. Some ARMY were mocking him and his appearance on social media. Speculative reports began getting out of control and piling up. Hashswan was fed up by the intrusion of some fans and ended up posting to Instagram asking them to stop.

Here is his translated post:

“Let’s stop. I don’t like these distorted news.

I am a musician, I don’t like that I am being searched because of this reason.

I saw it all:

People who cheered me on through hashtags.

People who felt sorry for me even though they hadn’t done anything wrong.

People who just want to cover it up and blame it on me.

People who said, ‘oh, if its not you, never mind.’

All the other people as well.

It seems that people lead their lives in many different ways.”

He also goes on to thank people who supported him while he was receiving those endless hate malicious comments. He says that he’s trying to think positively of the whole situation, however, he added,

“There will be people who find a way to make fun and laugh at me for reasons I can’t even imagine. So lets stop.”

He says he’ll continue making music asking people to mind their own business,

“I am getting kind of exhausted.

Honestly, I haven’t even done anything wrong, hehehe.

I am mad at myself for getting mad.

So please, lets stop it all.

All of us.


The poor unexpected victim of this entire situation sure got lots of hate comments. Since then, Big Hit had released a statement firmly denying that Jungkook was dating that girl, they also promised strict legal action against the one who spread the photos and those who spread malicious rumors.

This is Jungkook’s first dating scandal and it spiraled out of control, many fans were supportive but there were also many fans who didn’t like the idea of him dating one bit.

What do you think of this situation?


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  1. I think if he wants to date, then let him be. As a true ARMY, as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters to me. The unfortunate downfall of being an idol is that many young teen girls follow you, and feel that you are compelled to be their property, like they own you. They don’t, and sadly, there’s no way to get that across. If my favorite idol in the entire world ends up in a relationship with someone, and they’re truly happy, then I’m happy and will cheer them on. He is not your oppa, please move on. Support and love your idols, cheer them on and be happy for them, and if they find love, support them harder and don’t drag them or their partner for it.

    1. I completely agree with you 100%. If they are happy with each other, then why would you wish that they weren’t. If you truly call yourself an army then you should want what is best for BTS. And you should want them to be happy. Plus… They. Don’t. Know. You. I wish all A.R.M.Y would think like this, but it’s unfortunate because not all do.

    2. Yes I will support him even tho he is dating someone, even if it is not a idol and I don’t understand why some army’s don’t support it if he is happy then let him live his life we are no one to tell him who to date and who not to . Poor Hashsawn who got in this mess, because of so many army’s who didn’t even know the truth but still gave him so many hate comments

  2. Isn’t this going too far? Poor guy, It must be scary to be blown up by hundreds of people.over something you didn’t even do or had nothing to do with.

    Besides, wasn’t this whole thing done? BigHit denied everything and even threatened to sue people, the woman in question denied it, why are fans still obsessed with this? Just let it drop already

  3. I agree with comments here. We don’t own their lives. Let’s all be mature and don’t suffocate our idols. We might end killing them for real because of obsession. And don’t drag other artists as Armys will be hated instead of being loved. We don’t want that at all…

  4. Immature ARMYs attacking innocent people again, what’s even new? BTS should discipline them instead of staying quiet. Yes, the fandom is big but immatures inside it are bigger.

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