ARMY have been wondering if BTS Jungkook was dating!

In the early hours of September 17, a photo of a man and a woman hugging was leaked through CCTV. Fans identified the man to be Jungkook. He looked friendly around the female and rumors started circulating that he was dating her. Fans dug up info on her and found out she was a tattoo artist.

Army grew increasingly worried as more people started believing the photo to be of Jungkook girlfriend.

Due to the huge attention this photo brought. Bug hit had to issue a response. In their official statement, they deny the dating rumors and state that its unfortunate that Jungkook daily personal life was leaked to the public.

They explain that the woman in question is an acquaintance that jungkook met while in Geoji. They hung out together with other people as well, Big Hit says the facts were distorted.

Due to the clear privacy invasion and what seems to be a leak, big hit announced their plans to take strict legal action against the person who spread the photo and anyone who spreads false information as well.

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