VIXX’s Ravi Excluded From The Prosecution List For Indictment Charges Regarding Celebrities Evading Military Service

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VIXX’s Ravi has been excluded from prosecution for evading military service.

After actor Song Duk Ho and others were revealed to have been sent to prosecution for lowering or exempting military service levels using false epilepsy diagnoses. Among them, rapper Ravi has been excluded from the prosecution, drawing keen attention.

On February 9, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and the Military Manpower Administration’s Joint Investigation Team indicted a total of 47 people, including 42 exemptions from military service, including Song Deok Ho, and five family members and acquaintances who helped them, without detention.

According to the prosecution, 42 people who were exempted from military service received customized scenarios from military service broker Koo in which Koo held an event for epilepsy patients, and issued false medical certificates.

They are accused of being exempted from military service or lowering their grades by submitting false medical certificates to the Military Manpower Administration.

Among the indicted draft dodgers were eight athletes, including professional soccer players, golf, badminton, horseback riding, track and field, rowing, and medical students, but Ravi was not subject to prosecution. The reason is currently unknown.

Earlier, It was reported that Ravi asked for military service-related counseling through a broker and received advice.

Song Duk Ho admitted to the charges of evading military service through his agency Bistus Entertainment. At the time, the agency said, “Song Duk Ho was judged as a fourth-class social service worker in an unfair way after receiving counseling through A’s blog while searching for related information on the Internet to postpone his enlistment. He made a momentarily wrong decision where he overlooked his main purpose of delaying military service.”

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