Song Duk Ho Drops Out Of Upcoming tvN Drama Following His Investigation For Evading Military Service + His Agency Confirms His Involvement Through Apology

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Actor Song Duk Ho, who has been investigated by police on charges of evading military service, dropped out of an upcoming tvN drama.

On January 31, an official from Studio Dragon, the production company of cable channel tvN’s new drama “Beneficial Fraud,” told My Daily, “It is true that Song Duk Ho dropped out. We are currently re-casting for the same role. There is no problem with the schedule.

“Beneficial Fraud” is a drama about a joint revenge absolute evil between an unsympathetic fraudster and an over-sympathetic lawyer. Actors Kim Dong Wook, Chun Woo Hee, and Yoon Park have been known to confirm their appearance.

Earlier in the afternoon, the agency Bistus Entertainment said in an official position,

Song Duk Ho was judged as a fourth-class social service worker in an unfair way after receiving counseling through A’s blog while searching for related information on the Internet to postpone his enlistment. He made a momentarily wrong decision where he overlooked his main purpose of delaying military service.

The agency also added that he’s currently undergoing investigation and will participate in it faithfully. They also apologized in the statement.

Meanwhile, Song Duk Ho, who turned 31 this year, made his debut with the movie “Burning” in 2018, when he was 28 years old, and actively appeared on the big screen and small screen. He also appeared in “Hospital Playlist” and showed impressive performances in “Taxi Driver” and “D.P.” In addition, he has shown his performance in dramas such as “Tracer,” “Moonshine,” “Link: Eat, Love, Kill,” “Cheer Up,” and “Missing: The Other Side 2” last year.

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