NCT’s Jungwoo Tests Positive For COVID-19

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NCT’s Jungwoo has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning to Korea from Japan.

On June 1, SM released an official statement to reveal the news. NCT 127 has successfully wrapped up their dome tour and returned back to Seoul. The NCT 127 members had to undergo PCR testing as the standard part of the procedure to re-enter the country.

Before his departure from Japan, the PCR test Jungwoo undergone showed negative results, however, upon his arrival in Korea, the test he took came back positive.

Jungwoo is currently asymptomatic and self-isolating. The rest of the NCT 127 members have all tested negative. SM also adds that Jungwoo has received three doses of the vaccine.

Wishing Jungwoo the speediest of recoveries!

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