Former UNB Member Marco Apologizes To Fans For Having Lied About Dating MOMOLAND Hyebin Previously

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Former UNB Member Marco has addressed his dating news reveal and apologized to fans, but why?

Earlier today, a source from MLD Entertainment confirmed MOMOLAND’s Hyebin and Marco are dating. However, the agency declined to provide further comment on how long they’ve been dating.

The reason the rumors began to emerge was a fan account that provided instances of when the couple was spotted wearing matching outfits and accessories.

Added to that, rumors go back for some time and at the time the dating rumors began, Marco joined a mass group chat to personally deny he was dating Hyebin completely.

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On May 17, Marco took to his Instagram to apologize to fans for this, he stated,

“Its Marco. I apologize for worrying fans. Yesterday, I disappointed the fans who supported and trusted me for all this time, through my words in the open chat room. It was due to my oversight of wanting to assure fans by lying.

For fear of harming many people, and as someone who was able to promote with the love of our fans. I turned a blind eye to the fact that being truthful is a must. I feel apologetic to the fans who were hurt by my lack of judgment and false explanation.

Although my apology won’t erase the disappointment and upset I’ve already caused fans, I’ll constantly reflect and will put effort to not disappoint you again. I will not forget the criticism you’ve sent me regarding my immature behavior and I will reflect on that.
Once again, I apologize. I’m sorry.”

What are your thoughts on his apology?

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