MOMOLAND’s Hyebin And Marco Confirmed To Be Dating

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MOMOLAND’s Hyebin And Marco are dating!

Recently, netizens on online communities and social media platforms began to speculate that MOMOLAND’s Hyebin And Marco could be have been dating for a while now. Photos of the couple wearing matching outfits and accessories fueled speculations about the nature of their relationship.

They were seen wearing the necklace, padded jacket, ring, watch, and more. Netizens also argue that the couple would post photos at the same locations on their Instagram profiles.

On May 17, a source from MLD Entertainment confirmed the news. However, the agency declined to provide further comment on how long they’ve been dating.

Hyebin and Marco are 3 years apart. Hyebin was born in 1996 while Marco was born in 1993. Hyebin debuted in 2016 with MOMOLAND and is the leader of her group, while Marco debuted with the project group UNB after competing on the show “The Unit.”

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Fans are sending their best wishes to the happy couple!

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