Male Model Who Looks Like BTS V Responds To Rumors He’s The Man In The Photo With BLACKPINK Jennie+ Asks Fans To Stop Sending Hate And Messages

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Male Model Taek is asking for ARMY to stop trying to claim he’s the man in the photo that has gone viral of allegedly BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie.

Recently, it was rumored that BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie are dating, this became a hot topic after a photo of the alleged couple was posted to social media. They’re both in the car together in Jeju.

YG declined to issue a clear comment on the matter and HYBE refuses to respond to any press inquiries about the rumors. This meant that fans soon ran wild with all types of theories, some began to allege that the man next to Jennie isn’t BTS V but a model who looks a lot like him.

The model shares some resemblance to BTS V from certain angles [side profile] but the two look quite different if you compare their faces.

The male model has had to deal with all sorts of harassment from some ARMY claiming he’s the person in question asking him to leave V out of it.

Some messages were simply asking him if he’s that person while others outright accuse him of profiting from the rumors and putting the blame on BTS V because they look alike. Some ‘fans’ claim he’s the one in the photo and its not V, thus, he should clarify its him so V won’t be attacked anymore.

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The model has since issued not one, but two statements basically begging fans to stop harassing him and sending him messages.

In the first post, he says,

“the guy in the picture going viral now on Twitter is not me. So you don’t need to message me any more.”

He followed that with a longer post, he denies he’s ever been to Jeju island and says he doesn’t even model for Gentle Monster either, he wrote,


As I’ve stated, the man in that picture isn’t me. I’ve never been to Jeju with the member who many people believe is the party to this issue.

Furthermore I have never worked as a model for the brand Gentle Monster, and the scarf in the picture is only similar to one I own, not the same.

At first, I thought it would simply die down soon enough. However, so far I have been continuously receiving numerous messages including bad words related to the issue; I realized I was wrong about the issue dying down whenever people send me the URLs of the posts all across the media and other social media regarding this issue. So I decided that it’s best to just correct the facts.

I’d like for everyone to take down all the rumor posts or any posts about me. I hope people will not spread false rumors any further. It’s really painful and stressful that these untrue rumors are continuing to spread.

Thank you for reading such a long post.”

Some fans believe the BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie dating rumors have gone too far and that both agencies need to issue clear statements to put speculations to rest.

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  1. It’s their life guys. They will do what they ought to do. They don’t owe us an explanation, do they? They have their own lives. I think we are interfering too much into their lives. Let’s give them their own space, it’s their personal lives. Peace ✌.

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