BTS V And BLACKPINK Jennie Rumored To Be Dating, YG Issues Response

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BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie have been wrapped up in dating rumors setting the internet on fire.

On May 22, a photo of BTS V and Jennie together began circulating the web. The photo is of two people in a car, a netizen shared this photo they said they took in Jeju Island.

The two people in the photo look a lot like V and Jennie.

However, as soon as the photo spread, ARMY began to question whether it was edited or not with some saying the photo is edited and the original is that of V and J-Hope from an episode of their variety show “In The Soop.”

However, that theory didn’t help quiet the rumors because the outfits worn by the alleged Jennie and V are not the same as the photo shared by V and J-Hope leading to even more confusion and shock.

Added to that, the woman in the photo is rumored to be wearing the sunglasses Jennie models for. The reason why the rumors then began to escalate out of control is because some fans said V and Jennie both took trips to Jeju recently and posted about it on social media.

This photo was shared shortly after it was rumored that Gdragon and Jennie broke up. The alleged couple was reported by Dispatch but YG declined to confirm or deny the rumors back then leaving fans in the dark about whether the rumors were true or not.

Fans argued Gdragon and Jennie had broken up because the BLACKPINK members no longer follow Gdragon’s private account and that Gdragon’s private account has also unfollowed Jennie’s.

On May 23, YG Entertainment ended up addressing the rumors by giving a very shocking response, a response no one had expected, many had expected the agency to strictly deny the rumors.

YG said,

“We have nothing to say.

We will inform you if we have a different response to share.”

Adding to that, V’s agency has not publicly addressed the rumors which deeply upset ARMY.

Considering the fact that V and Jennie are two of the biggest Kpop idols, many fans had expected a swift response from their agencies to deny the rumors and confirm the photos were photoshopped, when that didn’t happen it created even more buzz surrounding the issue.

Their very vague response has split fans into two, some think its better to respond that way, others think its better to either confirm or deny, they believe that leaving it like this will make both Jennie and V vulnerable to attacks by the two fandoms.

What do you think of this?

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  1. That’s not even Taehyung… Besides if they’re dating… It’s non of our business, y’all shld be happy that your idols found comfort in their partner, that’s why they decided to get together.

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