Kris Wu Could Actually Be Chemically Castrated After Serving His Sentence For Rape + He Submits For Appeal

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Kris Wu chemical castration is not out of the question!

Recently, its been speculated that the Chinese singer might receive chemical castration when he returns to Canada under its law for sexual offenders. It was also revealed he submitted for an appeal once he heard the decision.

Chemical castration involves forcibly suppressing sexual desire by injecting drugs or hormones into sex offenders. Canada is a country that actively implements the said punishment on long-term sexual offenders.

Previously, Kris Wu was sentenced to 11 years and six months for rape and one year and ten months for the crime of gathering people to commit adultery. He will also be reportedly deported back to Canada after serving his full sentence.

Later, the tax bureau also announced that Kris Wu has been ordered to pay 600 million yuan (approximately $83,636,500) for tax-related offenses including hiding his personal income. The authorities stated that between 2019 and 2020, he evaded taxes of around $13 million by hiding his personal income through domestic and foreign-affiliated enterprises, and had underpaid taxes of around $11 million.

Previously, on July 31st of 2021, Kris Wu was arrested for further investigation of his sexual assault allegations. He was accused of repeated sexual assault, pedophilia, and more. The allegations were brought about by a woman named Du Meizhu. He has denied all involvement and all the allegations made against him but the backlash against him didn’t subside, and despite his denial statement, more victims came forward with their own stories sharing screenshots and more. On August 16 of the same year, Beijing Chaoyang Prosecutor’s Office approved the arrest of the mega pop star Kris Wu on rape charges.

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