[TRENDING] Kris Wu Formally Arrested By Chinese Police On Rape Charges + All His Shows Disappear From Streaming Services

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Kris Wu has been formally arrested by Beijing’s police.

On August 16, Beijing Chaoyang Prosecutor’s Office approved the arrest of the mega pop star Kris Wu on rape charges. The Chaoyang District People’s Procuratorate in Beijing stated on its official Weibo that he’s been formally arrested.

Previously, on July 31st, Kris Wu was arrested for further investigation on his sexual assault allegations. He was accused of repeated sexual assault, pedophilia, and more. The allegations were brought about by a woman named Du Meizhu. He has denied all involvement and all the allegations made against him but the backlash against him didn’t subside, and despite his denial statement, more victims came forward with their own stories sharing screenshots and more.

Due to his formal arrest, Chinese streamers quickly responded by deleting the shows he appeared in. This includes major streamers and content studios Youku, iQiyi, MangoTV, Bilibili, and more.

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