Kris Wu Accused Of Repeated Sexual Assault, Pedophilia And More, Kris Wu Denies All Allegations As More Alleged Victims Keep Coming Forward

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One of the biggest Chinese pop stars is being hit by multiple massive allegations against him.


Kris Wu; Who Rose to fame as a member of the K-pop band EXO before embarking on a successful solo career in China; has been accused of so many crimes including sexual assault [rape], pedophilia, and more.

A nineteen-year-old Chinese girl named Du Meizhu has accused him of allegedly raping her and about 30 other girls, the allegations first came about through a Weibo post on July 8 before it escalated due to an interview she’s held with a Chinese magazine.

She detailed her encounters with him, she claimed that he raped her and so many other young girls including teenagers after getting them drunk. According to the interview, Kris Wu would pick up girls from his fan club and invite them over for drinks in hotels before pressuring them into sex.

The issue has been unfolding since early July, Kris Wu’s legal team initially said they would be submitting legal action against her. She fired back by stating that she, along with the alleged other victims, will be handing over evidence to the police in order to start an investigation.

She’s also continue to reveal more details online such as conversations between her and what she alleges to be Kris Wu’s team, including conversations about a compensation for her in order to retract her statements and to delete everything that she shared on social media.

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Du Meizhu later gave Kris Wu an ultimatum, asking him to stand up ‘as a man’ to hold a press conference and announce that he is withdrawing from the Chinese entertainment industry and never coming back to China. She also asked him to apologize and compensate the brands he has been associated and worked with and to write apology letters for all of the victims that suffered on his hands.

The issue became one of the top trending topics on Chinese social media websites with many people showing support for Du Meizhu for standing up and for speaking up about this.

On July 19, Kris Wu posted a brief message to deny all the allegations made against him. He claims that she’s only met her once on December 5th in 2020 at the party with his friends. He also claims that he’s never offered her drinks or asked for her number, he added,

“I have never done things like luring someone in or committing rape, the same applies to underage girls. If I have ever done anything like that I will turn myself in jail and will legally take accountability for my words here.”

However, things only got worse from there as more girls have shown screenshots of chats with Kris Wu or his team, the staff would say he wanted to meet her, they also showed the receipts of cash transfers.

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